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Chapters 1, 2, 3

application letter/cover letter serves to introduce you to a potential employer
goal a desired end toward which efforts are directed
body the message section of the letter
cooperative education students attend classes part of the day and the go to a job that provides supervised field experience
personality made up of the many individual qualities that make you unique
placement centers a service offered at schools to help students and former students with careers and employment
upgrading advancing to a higher level of skill to increase your usefulness to an employer
indentity who a person is and how they fit in
interview a face-to-face meeting with a potential employer to discuss a job opening
job analysis an evaluation of the positive and negative attributes of a given type of work
employee expenses any costs of working paid by the employee that are not reimbursed by the employer -parking -transportation -gasoline -bus fare -uniforms (cleaning, maintaining, and replacing them)
thank you letter shows appreciation to the employer for taking time to speak with you
experience the knowledge and skills acquired from working in a career field
lifelong learner actively seeking new knowledge, skills, and experiences that will add to your professional and personal growth throughout your life
complimentary close a courteous phrase used to end a letter
professional being knowledgeable is a key job skill -lawyer -economist -teachers
entrepreneur someone who organizes, manages, and assumes ownership risks of a new business
retraining involves learning new/different skills so that an employee can retain the same level of employability
self-assessment inventory lists your strong and weak points along with plans for your improvement as you prepare for a career
network informal groups of people with common interests who interact for mutual assistance
advanced degrees specialized, intensive programs that prepare students for higher-level work responsibilities
values ideals in life that are important to a person
lifestyle the way people choose to live their lives, based on the values they have chosen
interest the things you like to do
short-term goal a goal you expect to finish in a few days or weeks
intermediate goal a goal you expect to finish in a few months or years
long-term goal a goal you expect to finish in 5 to 10 years
identity a sense of who you are as a person
contact a member of your network -relative -friend -member of a group you belong to -former work associate
job shadowing spending a morning or afternoon with a worker in the type of job that interests you
employment agencies help job seekers find a job for which they are qualified
headhunter a type of employment agency that seeks out highly qualified people to fill important positions for an employer
work history a record of the jobs you have held and how long you stayed with each employer
salutation the greeting that begins your letter -name (Mrs Jones) -other form of address (General Manager)
1. personal info 2. career objective 3. education 4. experience 5. references parts of the resume
return address the first thing to appear at the top of a cover letter
salutation the greeting that begins your letter
reference letter a statement attesting to your character, abilities, and experience written by someone who can be relied upon to give a sincere report
open-ended questions require you to respond in paragraphs (rather than "yes" or "no")
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