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Business Studies

Chapter 3: Industrial relations conflict

Industrial relations is the relationship between employers and employees
negotiation is a process of bargaining to try to reach a mutally acceptable solution to the conflict
trade unions a trade union is and intrest group that represent employees views and intrests
shop steward is a spokes person elected by employees as their offical union representative in the work place
irish congress of trade unions (ICTU) is an intrest group representing almost all the trade unions in ireland
Concilliation Means two parties in the dispute ask for an independent outsider called a concilliator to help them solve their problems.
arbitration is when the employer and employees ask an independent person called an arbitator to investigate the dispute& make a ruling like a judge to solve the problem
trade dispute a dispute between emplyers and employees with connection to employment
secret ballet and weeks notice when employess go on strike they must have had a secret vote and give the employer a weeks notice
primary picketing employees are allowed to picket peacefully outside their employers business
secondary picketing employees protest outside another employers business this is illegal if the employer is not helping their boss
immunity employees can not the sued by their employer for loss of profit cause by the strike
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