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Azmil BM Vocab 1

Azmils Vocab study and revision

amat very
sebutan pronounce, expression
mengahwini (kahwin) marrying
tersebut (sebut) said
pergaulan (gaul) association, mixing with people
mesra friendly
perkara matter
setelah after
menggangu (ganggu) interfere, disturb
menghiraukan (hirau) heed, bother, mind
raja king
baginda he, him - for a king or important person
berasal (asal) came from
ketika when
dikuasai (kuasa) controled, power over
wakil representative
tanpa without
negeri country, village
mengesan (kesan) detect
pemuda (muda) youth, young person
muda young
menaruh put, store, place
berita news
pengetahuan (tahu) knowledge
tahu knowledge
kecewa disappointed
beta I, me (for a king)
ingin wish
diketahui (tahu) known
adil fair, just
rakyat people
patuh comply, follow
melayani serve
kemahuan desire, want
suaminya her husband
luar outside
menjamu (jamu) entertain, serve food
gaji salary
menggaji to give salary, hire
menitik (titik) to drip
titik drip
Created by: azmizi