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Drama, Shakes, Globe

Test prep

The writer of a play Playwright
A drama is a play that tells a story through Dialogue and acting
Dialogue The words the characters speak; conversations
Drama started long ago in Greece as... Religious ceremonies
What are two forms of drama? Tragedy and comedy
Who is the protagonist in a drama? Main character
The antagonist in a drama can be... The protagonist's own weaknesses, fate, or the "bad guy"
Tragedy The antagonist destroys the protagonist
What does a tragedy offer its audience and reveal? Emotional release and the workings of human nature
A comedy ends with a Happy ending
In a comedy, the audience enjoys Seeing the protagonist beat the antagonist
Chorus Comment on and explain the action
Classical drama is usually about... Wealthy people
How many acts does classical drama contain 5
Classical drama is divided into... Acts and scenes
Which act features the climax? Act 3
Which acts introduce and develop the action or conflict Act 1 & Act 2
Which acts tie together the loose plot strands to create an ending? Act 4 & Act 5
A small room in the back of the main acting stage Inner below
A small room in the back of the main balcony Inner above
Patrons paid more money to sit here Galleries
There were above and on each side of the main acting area/ stage Side balconies
A flagpole was on top of this and was raised to let citizens know of a performance Hut
This platform protruded into the audience area Main stage
Ghosts and demons appeared through this and it was used as a grave for some plays Trap door
Groundlings stood in this open courtyard area Pit
The roof over the main acting area Heavens
Actors looked down on the main acting area from this Balcony
The audience members who stood in the pit Groundlings
Created by: Desi_LeRoy