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Jim Crow laws laws enacted in the late 1880's to separate people of different races
Redeemers nickname of Wade Hampton supporters who wanted to restore the south to Pre-Civil War era
Eight Box Law voters had to read the ballot and place it in the correct box
Poll Tax a tax levied as a requirement for voting
Gerrymandering deliberately dividing state congressional districts to get specific election results by allowing only one area of SC to have enough African American voters to elect an African American congressman
Ben Tillaman governor of SC; under him race relations were the worse in history
Populists a national political party created to represent farmers
Bourbons negative nickname for Wade Hampton supporters
Plessy v. Ferguson 1896 Supreme Court decision that allowed segregation in public facilities; "separate but equal"
Transcontinental Railroad a railroad that linked the eastern United States with western and central parts of the country
Lint Heads derogatory term for people who worked in the textile mills
Crop Lien a loan to grow crops
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