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‘Sonnet 43’

‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning revision notes GCSE English Ormerod

PoemKey Points
‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning SUMMARY Written before she married Robert Browning to express her intense love for him. In it, Browning attempts to define her love.
‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning THEMES Love as powerful and all-encompassing
‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning FEELINGS Strong belief in love. Spiritual.
‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning STRUCTURE Traditional length = 14 lines but does not strictly follow rules. Fairly regular rhyme scheme but flexible. Poem about perfect love but avoids perfection in its structure.
‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning LANGUAGE Uses repetition 'I love thee' used 8 times. Opens with rhetorical question. Love compared to important concepts 'Grace''Right''Praise' using capital letters for emphasis. 'Towards the end lines are more broken by punctuation - suggests passion, excitement
‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning KEY QUOTES ‘I love thee to the depth and breadth and height/My soul can reach’ comprehensive - fully defines poet's love. ‘I love thee with a love I seemed to lose/With my lost Saints!’ ‘if God choose,/I shall but love thee better after death’
‘Sonnet 43’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning LINKS TO… ‘Hour’ love as a positive and powerful force ‘Sonnet 116’ part of a larger sonnet sequence, and insists on the endurance of love.
Created by: lesleycollins