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‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy revision notes GCSE English Ormerod

PoemKey Points
‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy SUMMARY Compares phone calls and texts in a relationship to a gun fight in a western movie. May be separated or have had an argument before the events of the poem.
‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy THEMES Relationships can become a struggle for power.
‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy FEELINGS Hurt. Tension.
‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy STRUCTURE Four stanzas of 4 lines each. Two of which are joined by enjambment, where one line carries on to the next. No rhyme scheme or regular rhythm - free verse.
‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy LANGUAGE Imagery associated with cowboy films. Replaces weapons with phones. Light-hearted and humorous tone. 'Take this... /and this...and this...and this...and this' = gunshots or kisses? Intimate physical words 'hear me groan', 'tongue', 'heart', 'kiss'
‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy KEY QUOTES ‘like guns, slung from the pockets of my hips’ ‘your voice a pellet/in my ear’ ‘squeeze the trigger of my tongue’ ‘the silver bullets of your kiss’
‘Quickdraw’ Carol Ann Duffy LINKS TO… ‘The Farmer’s Bride’ and ‘In Paris with You’ hurt from love. ‘The Manhunt’ communication. ‘Nettles’ imagery from a different context.
Created by: lesleycollins