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lab equipment

VA 130 labortory equipment and usage

name 6 parts of the binocular microscope eyepieces(ocular lenses), arm, objective lenses, nosepiece, stage, condenser, rheostat(light source), fine focus, coarse focus, base
list the correct order in which the following objectives are to be used low dry, oil immersion, high dry, scanning scanning, low dry, high dry, oil immersion
what two things should be used to clean the objective lenses lenses cleaner, lenses paper
when do you clean the oil immersion lense after every use
what is the purpose of a centrifuge separates liquids of different densities
name two types of centrifuge horizontal, angle
in veterinary medicine we use a refractometer to measure what two things (in mg/dl) specific density of urine, total blood protein
what should you use to clean the refractometer with distilled water
list four things that need to be disposed of in a sharps container needled, blades, slides, coverslips
what is new methylene blues first stain we use on the slide
what is the MSDS material safety data sheet
what is PPE personal protective equipment
what is the magnification of the oculars 10x
what is the magnification of the scanning lens 4x
what is the magnification of the low dry lens 10x
what is the magnification of the high dry lens 40x
what is the magnification of the oil immersion lens 100x
list four PPE's gloves, googles, mask, apron
Created by: fitnessgal