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JFH Sholar Bowl-11

Stuff I Should Know

Author of "Their Eyes Were Watching Good" Zora Neil Hurston
1992 LA Race riots named for this man brutalized by police Rodney King
Sculptor of the Statue of Liberty Frederic Bartholdi
Date of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty October 28, 1886
Names for C2H2 Acetylene/Ethyne
Composer of Bolero Ravel
Ship of Sir Francis Drake (2 names) Pelican/Golden Hind
Wife of Moses Zipporah
Author of "I wandered lonely as a cloud" Wordsworth
Poem speaking about daffodils "I wandered lonely as a cloud"
Whiskey Ring Scandal took place during the administration of this president Grant
Mars' largest moon Phobos (fear)
Mars' smallest moon Deimos (fleeing defeat)
Achievement of Enrico Fermi Chain reaction fission
Famous Italian violinist; composer of "Caprice No. 24 in A minor" Paganini
Home of the only remaining wonder of the ancient world Egypt
Only intact wonder of the ancient world Great Pyramid
Painter of Blue Boy Gainsborough
Reason for Dreyfus Affair Anti-Semitism
Country of Dreyfus Affair France
Island Captain Dreyfus was banished to Devil's Island (French Guiana)
Speaker of "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves" Cassius
Interface characterized by its use of visible windows GUI (Graphic User Interface)
Novel in which Holly Go-Lightly is a character Breakfast at Tiffany's
Composer of the symphony "Faust" Liszt
Composer of numerous Hungarian Rhapsodies Liszt
Oldest sewer in the world Rome
Writer of the line "Mists and mallow fruitfulness" Keats
Poem opening "Season of mists and mallow fruitfulness" Ode to Autumn
Author of "Ode to Autumn" Keats
City of the State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg
School of Athens Raphael
Painting of corpse in bathtub The Death of Marat
Painter of "The Death of Marat" David
Father of the symphony Hayden
Explorer who died in the Battle of Mactan Magellan
Price line built into stock options Strike price
Area of a trapezoid 1/2(b1+b2)h
Capital of Zimbabwe Harhare
Sculptor of "The Kiss" Rhodin
Sculptor of "The Thinker" Rhodin
Author of "The Age of Innocence" Wharton
Author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Stowe
Subject of the Einstein-Bohr debates Uncertainty Principle
Predecessor of Condoleeza Rice(as Secretary of State) Colin Powell
Author of "Clockwork Orange" Burgess
Novel whose main characters are Nadsat-speaking Droogs Clockwork Orange
Author of "Gunga Din" Kipling
Hemingway novel about American expatriates in Spain The Sun Also Rises
Saint-Saens 1886 suite for two pianos and other instruments The Carnival of the Animals
Father of the symphony Hayden
Place of Magellan's death Mak-Tan
Name of a three-panel painting Tryptich
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