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Norse Mythology

gods, goddesses, creatures, and places of Norse mythology

Who is the All-Father of the gods? Odin
What day of the week is Odin's? Wednesday
Who is the defender of Asgard? Thor
What day of the week is Thor's? Thursday
Who is the god of fertility and nature? Frey
Who is the goddess of love and war and death? Freya
Who is the bravest of the gods (even more so than Thor)? Tyr
What day of the week is Tyr's? Tuesday
Who is Odin's wife, goddess of marriage and motherhood? Frigg
Who is Thor's wife, known for her long golden hair? Sif
Who is Odin's blood brother, but hated by most other gods? Loki
Who is the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge? Heimdall
What is the name of the final day of battle between the Aesir and their enemies? Ragnarok
Who is responsible for tending the garden with the fruit that makes the gods immortal? Idunn
Who is the monstrous child of Loki the gods decided to chain up for fear he would eat/destroy them? Fenrir
Who is the keeper of the dead in the underworld? Hel
Who guards the cave entrance into Helheim? Garm
What is the name of the giant serpent whom Odin bent into a circle to eat its own tail? Jormungandr
What is the name of the giantess who became the wife of a god? Skadi
Who is the god of winds and seas? Njord
Why did Loki trick Idunn into leaving the walls of Asgard? to steal her for Thjazi
How did Loki steal Idunn back for the gods? became a hawk and turned her into a nut
Who is the god of goodness and harmony? Baldur
What's the name of Baldur's twin brother who killed him? Hodur
How did Skadi choose her husband? by his feet
Who did Skadi want to marry? Baldur
What did Frey give to his servant in his attempts to gain his wife? his sword
Who became Frey's wife? Gerd
Which animals pull Thor's chariot? rams
Which animals help Odin keep tabs on everything? ravens and wolves
What animal is associated with Frey? boars
Mjollnir the hammer belongs to Thor
The great black nothingness before time was called Ginungagap
The realm of fire is known as Muspellheim
The realm of ice is known as Niflheim
The leader of the fire demons is Surt
The first ever being to form was Ymir
The second (and more pure) being to form was Audhumla
The gods used the remains of which being to create the earth? Ymir
The realm of the giants is Jotunheim
The home of mankind is known as Midgard
The tree which connects all the worlds or realms is Ygddrasil
The realm of Odin and his people is Asgard
The realm of Odins' brothers Vili and Ve (and their people) is Vanaheim
The first man and woman were created from trees
Gungnir, the magical spear, belongs to Odin
How many legs does Odin's horse have? eight
Brave warriors who die in battle are taken to Viking heaven known as Valhalla
Who guides the fallen warriors to Viking heaven? Valkyries
The cult of men who serve Odin and live only to fight and kill (or be killed) are called Berserks
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