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lit terms round 3 S2

Literary Terms for Round 3 S2

Laconic (Adj.) Using very few words.
Tenacious (Adj.) Determined or stubborn.
Accolade (N.) A sign or expression of high praise and esteem.
Cryptic (Adj.) Ambiguous or obscure; deliberately mysterious and secretive.
Lamentation (N.) To express grief and sorrow.
Plummet (V.) To drop downward steeply and suddenly.
Skirmish (N.) A brief fight between two groups.
Discern (V.) To understand something that was unclear at first.
Fickle (Adj.) Likely to change affections, intentions, loyalty and preference often.
Parry (V.) To block defect the damaging blow of a weapon.
Harbinger (N.) Somebody or someone that foreshadows or anticipates a future event.
Obdurate (Adj.) Stubborn or hard-headed; not easily persuaded or influenced.
Reprieve (V.) To stop or postpone somebody's punishment; to offer temporary relief from harm.
Credulous (Adj.) Gullible; a person easily convinced that something is true.
Enshroud (V.) To cover or obscure an object.
Obfuscate (V.) To deliberately make something difficult to understand
Blithe (Adj.) Cheerful and carefree; casually indifferent.
Pliable (Adj.) Flexible; easily bent of molded; easily influenced or persuaded.
Blunderbuss (N.) A short wide-mouthed gun used primarily in the 17th century.
Enfranchise (V.) To give voting rights.
Remuneration (N.) Payment for work done.
Engender (V.) To arise or come into existence; to cause offspring to be conceived or born.
Plagiarism (V.) The process of copying another person's idea or written work and claiming it as your own.
Abasement (V.) To belittle someone; to act in an undignified way.
Billow (V.) To swell with air; to move in a curling mass.
Enhance (V.) To improve or increase the clarity of an image or object.
Harangue (V.) To criticize or question somebody; to try and persuade someone in a forceful or angry way.
Abrogate (V.) To end an agreement or contract formally and publicly
Credible (Adj.) Easy to believe, trustworthy.
Created by: rhornay