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PowerPoint Intro

PowerPoint Lesson 1 & 2

slide sorter view displays all slides at the same time in miniature form
outline tab that displays text in an outline format
slide show view that runs slides as a presentation
normal default view in PowerPoint
title first slide of a presentation
notes page view that allows user to add notes to the slide
handout a print option that prints multiple slides as thumbnails on a page
slide pane displays one slide at a time as a thumbnail
thumbnail miniature image of slide
slide layout determines the way text and objects are arranged on a slide
template predesigned presentations that can be customized and edited to prepare a presentation
placeholder the boxes in slide layouts that can be used to insert text or an object on a slide
hyperlink a link that jumps to a website or file when clicked
animation painter copies animation of text from one slide to another slide
animation pane useful for reordering animations and adding timing choices and effects to animations
transition the way the slides move on and off the screen
animation the way text and objects move on or off the screen
motion path allows user to make an object move a certain direction on a slide
theme a design that can be applied to one or more slides that have preset colors, fonts, and graphics
Ctrl + M shortcut to insert a new slide
F5 shortcut to begin a slide show
F7 shortcut to run spell checker
Esc key that ends a slide show
Shift + F3 shortcut to change case of text on a slide
B toggles the screen black
W toggles the screen white
slide master controls all the formatting on the slides
audio button used to add sound to slides
line spacing can be changed to minimize blank space between text on a slide
find and replace use to search slides for particular text or font
PowerPoint a presentation program in MS Office
reading view that looks similar to Slide Show view but does not completely fill the entire screen
rehearse timings used to set slide show to run automatically
Created by: DeborahCrenshaw