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Stivers FR 3,4 -ER

Stivers FR 3,4 -ER Verbs

briller to shine
cacher to hide
casser to break
chanter to sing
chercher to look for
commander to order
compter to count
danser to dance
décider to decide
déjeuner to have lunch
demander to ask
dessiner to draw
dîner to have dinner
donner to give
fermer to close
fouiller to rummage through
fréquenter to frequent
gagner to win, to earn
garder to keep
goûter to taste
jouer to play
laisser to leave
laver to wash
louer to rent
marcher to walk
monter to climb
montrer to show
parler to speak
passer to spend (time)
porter to carry, to wear
préparer to prepare
présenter to present
quitter to leave
raconter to tell (a story)
refuser to refuse
regarder to look at
rencontrer to meet
rester to stay
retourner to return
sauter to jump
tomber to fall
toucher to touch
travailler to work
traverser to cross
tromper to deceive
visiter to visit
Created by: MmeCollins0123