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(CK) Witch Voc 16-18

(CK) Witch Chapters 16-18 Vocabulary

carefully; cautiously The yellow cat inched _____ from beneath a pumpkin vine. warily
driven away; gotten rid of "Nat is _____ from Wethersfield. He won't be able to leave the ship or to come to see you anymore." banished
profane speech or action against God "Jack-o-lanterns are the devil's invention. 'Twas an outrageous piece of _____." blasphemy
a disease; an illness Kit's bout with the _____ was short, however. Her young body had an elastic vitality. malady
new and unusual The idea of cutting and sewing a dress by herself was _____ and exciting. novel
embarrassed and annoyed "I am _____," Matthew said with dignity, "that I have not controlled my own household." chagrined
people found guilty or accused of a crime Prudence had further news of the _____. culprits
revenge; retribution Goodwife Cruff had hated Kit ever since that first day on the Dolphin, and she would never rest now till she had her _____. vengeance
an appointment to meet, usually in secret There were days when Kit could not manage to keep the _____ with Prudence. tryst
very stubborn Then after two shaky steps Hannah turned _____. She would not set foot in the boat without her cat. obstinate
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