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France Culture

France Video Note Questions

How long have humans lived in Brittany? more than 60 centuries
What has played a crucial role in shaping Breton character? the Atlantic ocean
What does the region retain? simple charm and Breton culture
Le Mont Saint-Micheal: where is it built? border of normandy and brittany
Name of few painters Van gogh, gauguin, degas, monet
What type of garden is the Luxembourg Garden? parsian flower garden
Who was the beheaded king? Luis the 16th
What is the capital of Alsace? Strasburg
What is the town of Strasburg the seat of? international organizations
When was Marseille built and by whom? 2,600 , the Greeks
Who is Marsielle it a gateway for? North Africa
When was Le Pont du Gard built? 1st century
What has the sea been for Breton? isolation and source of livelihood
When was Notre Dame built? medieval times
Napoleon ruled between? 1800-1815
What is Versi famous for? fountains and hall or mirrors
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