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Key Tiffa herbs

Functions & Cautions

Gui Zhi/Cinnamomi Ramulus - 6 1)Release the exterior. Assists yang. 2)Warms/unblocks channels/ collaterals. 3)Warms yang. Transforms thin mucus. 4)Assists Heart Yang. Unblocks yang qi in chest. 5)Warms channels, vessels & collaterals. 6) Warms middle. Directs turbid yin down. Contraindications: *Warm heat pathogen disease. *Yin xu w/heat signs. *Heat in blood w/ vomiting. **During pregnancy or excess menstruation, use only in doses of 6 grams or less, preferably fried. **Discouraged when signs of pathogenic heat.
Zi Su Ye/Perillae Folium - 4 1)Releases exterior. Disperses cold. 2) Promotes movement of Qi. Expands the chest. 3)Use during pregnancy. 4) Resolves seafood poisoning. Contraindications: **Those w/ warm pathogen diseases. **Those w/ qi & exterior deficiency.
Bo He/Menthae haplocalycis 1)Disperses wind heat - Clears & benefits the head, eyes & throat 2) Vents rashes 3) Allows contrained Liver Qi to flow freely. 4) Expels turbid filth. Can deplete qi and should not be used by those who sweat profusely or have ascendant Liver yang.
Niu Bang Zi/Arctii fructus 1)Disperses wind-heat. Benefits the throat. 2) Resolves toxicity. Vents rashes. 3) Moistens the intestines. Use w/ caution: *Qi xu *Diarrhea *Absence of excessive heat.
Chan Tui/ Cicadae Periostracum 1) Disperses wind. Clears heat. 2) Vents rashes. 3) Clears the eyes. Removes superficial visual obstruction. 4) Stops spasms. Extinguishes wind. Caution in pregnancy, esp. if history of miscarriage. (Used before to promote delayed labor & expulsion of residue of birth process.
Shi Gao/ Gypsum Fibrosum 1)Clears heat. Drains fire. 2) Clears heat from excess in Lungs. 3) Clears blazing Stomach fire. 4) For eczema, burns & ulcerated sores Contraindications : *When cold from deficiency of Sp & St. *When fever from yin xu.
Zhi Mu/ Anemarrehanae Rhizoma 1)Clears heat. Drains fire. 2) Enriches the yin. Moistens dryness. 3) Generates fluids. Clears heat. 4)Ameliorates dryness of tonifying or warming substances. Contraindications: *When cold from deficiency of Sp & St. *When there is diarrhea
Zhi Zi/ Gardeniae fructus 1)Drains heat. Eliminates irritability. 2) Clears heat. Resolves dampness. 3) Cools the blood. Resolves toxicity. 4) Reduces swelling. Moves blood stasis due to trauma. Contraindications: *When cold from deficiency of Sp & St. w/ reduced appetite & loose stools.
Sheng Di Huang/ Rehmanniae Radix 1) Clears heat. Cools the blood. 2) Nourishes the yin. Generates fluids. Contraindicated: *Significant dampness from Sp. xu. *Those with loose stools & abdominal fullness.
Xuan Shen/ Scrophulariae Radix 1)Clears heat. Cools the blood. 2) Nourishes the yin. 3) Softens hardness. Dissipates nodules. Caution/Contraind: *In cases of cold-dampness of Sp & St. *Not to be combined with Li Lu
Mu Dan Pi/ Moutan cortex 1)Clears heat. Cools the blood. 2)Clears fire from deficiency. 3)Invigorates the blood. Dispels blood stasis. 4) Clears ascending Liver fire. 5) Drains pus & reduces swelling. **Inappropriate for those with cold in the blood. **Inappropriate for women who are either pregnant or have excessive menstrual bleeding when not due to blood heat combined with blood stasis.
Huang Qin/ Scutellariae Radix 1)Clears heat. Dries dampness. 2) Clears heat & resolves toxicity, esp. in the upper burner. 3)Clears heat. Stops bleeding. Contraind.: When cold from deficiency of Sp & St.
Huang Lian/ Coptidis Rhizoma 1)Clears heat. Drains damp. 2) Drains fire. Resolves fire toxicity. 3)Clears heat. Stops bleeding. 4) Clears heat topically. Caution when patterns of: *Cold, *Yang xu, *Yin xu, *Esp. when cold from deficiency of Sp/St
Huang Bai/ Phellondendri Cortex 1) Drains damp heat, exp. from lower burner. 2) Drains Kidney fire 3) Drains fire. Resolves fire toxicity. Contraindicated when cold from deficiency of Sp & St.
Jin Yin Hua/ Lonicerae flos 1) Clears heat. Resolves fire toxicity. 2) Vents & disperses externally contracted wind-heat. 3) Clears damp heat from lower burner. Contraindicated: *When cold from deficiency of Sp & St. *Esp. for Qi deficient sores & clear pus.
Lian Qiao/ Forsythiae fructus 1) Clears heat. Resolves toxicity. 2)Reduces abscesses. Dissipates clumps. Within normal dosage, no side effects are to be expected. --One report of photodermatitis traced back to this herb, with erythema & papular rashes on skin areas that are exposed to light.
Ma Huang/Ephedra Herba - 4 1)Induces sweating & releases the exterior 2) Disseminates & facilitates Lung Qi, Calms Wheezing, Stops Coughing 3) Promotes urination. Reduces edema 4) Warms & disperses cold pathogen 1)Dosage should not be too large. 2) Adjust for those who are a)debilitated b) are sweating spontaneously from exterior condition c) With night sweats from yin xu d) Wheezing due to failure of Kidneys to accept Qi
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