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Legal and Ethical

Criminal Law focuses on behavior known as crime.
civil law focuses on legal relationships
tort wrongful act that does not involve a contract
malpractice "bad practice" failure to use the degree of skill and learning commonly expected for that individual's profession
negligence failure to give care that is normally expected of a person in a particular position
assault threat or attempt to injure
battery unlawful touching of another person without consent
informed consent permission granted voluntarily by a person who is of sound mind after the procedure and risk have been explained
invasion of privacy unnecessarily exposing an individual or revealing personal information about an individual without a person's permission
false imprisonment restraining an individual or restriction an individual's freedom
abuse results in physical harm, pain, or mental anguish
Four types of abuse physical, verbal, psychological, and sexual
defamation false statements either cause a person to be ridiculed or damage the person's reputation
slander spoken defamation
libel written defamation
contract agreement between two or more parties
implied contract obligations that are understood without verbally expressed terms.
expressed contract stated in distinct and clear language, either orally or written
agent a person works under the direction or control of another person.
privileged communications comprised of all information given to health care personnel by a patient
HIPPA protects patient record confidentiality.
Ethics a set of principles relating to what is morally right or wrong.
patient's rights factors of care that patients can expect to receive.
Patient's Bill of Rights bills that recognize what the patient has the right to do.
Resident's Bill of Rights expresses those living in long term facility rights.
advance directives also know as legal directives
living wills allows individuals to state what medical treatment they want or do not want in the event that they become incapacitated.
durable power of attorney (POA) a document that permits an individual to appoint another person to make any decision regarding health care.
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