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About Bensky's categories

What conditions attack the exterior? Wind heat, Wind Cold, Wind Dampness, Summerheat
Symptoms associated with the exterior Chills, Fever, Headache, Stiff Neck, General Muscle aches
Describe what sweating condition (or lack of) warrants using release the exterior herbs. Absence of sweating or sweating with not improvement in the patient's condition
Most exterior releasing herbs are ____. Diaphoretics. (Induce sweating to expel/release pathogen)
What is the next deepest level that disease attacks after the exterior? Muscle layer
Symptoms associated with muscle layer Fever, General body aches, Profuse Sweating
What is the best herb for releasing the muscle layer? Gui Zhi
What are possible other functions of some herbs that release the exterior? Stop cough, Stop wheeze, Controls pain/spasms, Vents rashes, Vents measles
How to treat rashes and measles Bring it to surface and vent it.
Rashes are a sign of ___. Heat
Can herbs vent rashes that have been there a long time? Yes. The rash has been trapped inside of the body.
What are the signs that exterior wind-cold is present? Mild fever, Severe chills, Headache, Body & neck pains, Absence of thirst
What are the signs that exterior wind heat is present? Severe fever, Mild Chills, Sore throat,
In addition to releasing the exterior, some cool acrid herbs also __ vent rashes & treat eye problems due to wind heat.
What are 8 symptoms of heat? 1) Dry throat 2) Red face 3) Red eyes 4) Dry stools 5) Dark & scanty urine 6) Yellow tongue coat 7) Rapid pulse 8)Sensations of warmth in the five centers
Compare symptoms of interior heat with exterior heat. EXTERIOR - Fever & chills, Headache, THIRST, Moderate sweating, Superficial, rapid pulse INTERIOR - Fever (w/o chills), dry mouth, THIRST, Irritability, Scanty, dark urine, Yellow tongue coat, Constipation or diarrhea, Abdominal distention
Which 5 categories of herbs clear interior heat? 1) Drain fire 2) Cool the Blood 3) Clear damp heat 4) Clear Toxic Heat 5)Clear deficiency heat
Which category of herbs contains the herbs that are the coldest in the Materia Medica? Drain Fire
Drain Fire herbs treat which symptoms? **High fever **Irritability **Thirst **Delirium associated with febrile disease **Eye problems due to wind heat **Heat in Liver, Lungs or Stomach
Drain Fire herbs treat which level of the Four Levels? Which Stage of the Six Stages? Qi Level; Yangming Stage
Typical properties of Cool the Blood herbs Cold, Bitter and Sweet or Salty
Two major functions of all Cool the Blood herbs Cool the Blood & Clear the Nutritive Level
Cool the Blood herbs are used for heat entering which level of the four levels? Nutritive level
Describe the symptoms of heat in the Nutritive Level **Scarlet tongue **Irritability **Restlessness **Changes in consciousness **Various forms of bleeding, including maculopapular rashes
Heat at the nutritive level injures the _1__ and exhausts _2__. 1) Yin 2) Fluids
Cool the Blood herbs enrich __1__. They are also good for internally generated heat from ___2____. 1) Yin 2) Yin deficiency
Herbs that Clear Damp Heat are primarily used for which 5 conditions? 1) Dysenteric disorders 2) Urinary difficulty/pain 3) Jaundice 4)Furuncles 5) Eczema
Common properties of clear damp heat herbs Bitter and cold
Clear Damp Heat herbs are often combined with which other categories? Drain Fire & Clear Toxic Heat
Because of their cold nature, Clear Damp Heat herbs should not be used when? In cases of Spleen and Stomach deficiency
Toxin (in regards to toxic heat) = Fever & other adverse effects of infectious disease that make a patient clinically sick
Hot swelling= Hot, swollen & painful
Hot toxic swelling= Hot swelling + fever, lethargy & sickness
Toxicity is a result of ___ Accumulated pathogens
Give examples of heat or fire toxins **Purulent infections **Sores **Mastitis **Pulmonary & breast abscess **Appendicitis **Dysentery **Viral infections such as mumps or encephalitis
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