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Colonial Period

What park in the United States is often credited as the first community park because of its 1634 creation? The Boston Common
After the European settlers came to the New World, did they come completely unattached to their English customs? No. They frequently traded and exchanged with England with ideas and merchandize.
Did the early American colonies show concern for developing parks in cities and towns? No. They saw no need to plan because of the plentiful amounts of land.
Which southern colony forbade Sunday amusements and made imprisonment the penalty for failure to attend church services? Virginia
What customs thrived in the harsh life of the slaves in the Southern Colonies? Music, folktales, and storytelling, and dance
By the early part of the 18th century, what were established throughout New England that provided a place for gentlemen to "enjoy their bowl and bottle with satisfaction" ? taverns
What asylum first struct the attention of William Tuke and made him want to change the way they were run? York Lutanic Asylum
Did William Tuke believe leisure was a right or a privilege? A right
What were the critical challenges to the beneficial use of leisure during the 18th century? young people were fined, confined to the stocks or publicly whipped for such things like drunkenness, dancing, gambling
What was the name of the new asylum William Tuke built? The Retreat
What is one characteristic William Tuke added to his asylum? Gardens
What was the name of William Tuke's friend that influenced him in building the new asylum? Hannah Mills
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