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Food and water: UN fact sheets

How many ppl do not have access to clean water? 780 million
How many ppl do not have access to adequate sanitation? 2.5 billion
How many ppl live in extreme poverty? 1.2 billion
How many transboundary river basins are in the world? 276
How many transboundary aquafers are in the world? 200
How many agreements on water have been made between countries from 1820 and 2007? Almost 450
About how many people will be in the world in 2050% 9 billion = 60% more food and 19% in agricultural water consumption
Global water withdrawls? 70% agriculture, 10% domestic, and 20% industry
How many liters a day does a person drink? 2-4 litres
How much virtual litres a day does a person eat a day? 2000 - 5000
How much does each piece of food cost water wise? Apple= 70 litres 150 g of beef steak = 2025 liters 100 g of vegetables = 20 liters 1 slice of bread = 40 liters
How many people ppl don't have access to improved sources of water? 1 in 9 people world wide
How many people ppl lack improved sanitation? 1 in 3 people worldwide
What are the major sources of pollution? Human settlements Industrial and agricultural activities
In developing countries, how much untreated sewage is dumped into water bodies? 80%
How much polluted waste do industries dump into water bodies? 300 to 400 mt
What is the most common chemical contaminant in the world's groundwater aquafers? Nitrate from agriculture
Approximately how many people die each year due to inadequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene? 3.5 million
Which ecosystem has been degraded the most? Freshwater ecosystems
How many people received access to improved sanitation facilities between 1990 and 2010? 1.8 billion
How many people still lack adequate sanitation? How many people still practice open defacation? 2.5 billion ppl 1,1 billion ppl; 15 % of the world
If current trends continue, in 2015, how many ppl won't have access to adequate sanitation? 2.4 billion ppl
How many children would be saved through adequate sanitation, clean water, and good hygiene? 1.5 million children a year
Every ________ seconds, a child dies from poor sanitation. 20
Water use has been growing at more than _____________ the rate of population rate in the last century Twice
Increase in water withdrawls 50% for decoupling countries 18% for developed countries
By 2025, ______________ people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and __________________ Could be under stress conditions 1,800 million Two- thirds
Between 1991 and 2000, 655,000 ppl died in 2,557 natural disasters; ___________ of those were water related events 90%
Without better ___________ resource management, goals toward poverty reduction will be jeopardized Water
More than half of the world population, or ________________ lives in cities 3.5 billion
Every second the cities growing by __________ people 2
There is ______________ access to sanitation in the cities than in rural areas Better
_____________ people live in slums 827.6 million
_____________ people have managed to move out of slums 227 million
Slums increase by _____________ per year 6
By 2029, the slum population should reach _________________ 888 million
During the period of 2000 to 2006, a total of _____________ water related disasters were reported, killing more than ______________ people, affecting more than ____________________ people, and inflicting more than ________________ U.S. $ worth of damage 2,163 290,000 1.5 billion 4.22 billion
______________, droughts, and ____________________ have been the most frequent disasters since 1900; they account for 88.5 % of the world's disasters Floods Windstorms
More than ____________ disasters occurred in ___________ 83%; asia
Since 1990, more than __________________ have died from drought and more than 2 billion have been affected by drought, more than any other diaster 11 million
Created by: AdrienneBronner