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Herb Summaries

Aromatic Transform Damp, Food Stag & Reg. Qi

**Transforms dampness. **Often used with Hou Po in treating abdominal distension, vomiting & diarrhea. **More powerful in drying dampness & expelling wind damp Cang Zhu
**Arom. Transform Damp: Better at promoting flow of qi to dispel fullness & distension **Often used with Cang Zhu in treating abdominal distension, vomiting & diarrhea Hou Po
**Acrid, aromatic, effective in transforming dampness. **Important for relieving summerheat disorders. **Effective in releasing the exterior & stopping vomiting Huo Xiang
**Helps middle burner St. qi **Nausea & vomiting due to food stasis & dampness. **Cold-dampness congealing middle & lower burners. **Nausea during pregnancy **W/ Bai Dou Kou for abdominal pain & distension, vomiting & diarrhea. **Warm & drying. Sha Ren
**Upper burner qi obstruction & phlegm dampness **Helps middle burner Stomach qi. **Nausea & vomiting due to food stasis & dampness Bai Dou Kou
**Ascendant patterns of cold damp in Sp/St. **More warming/drying **Aromatic Transform damp. Cao Dou Kou
**Intensely warming drying of Arom. Transform damp. ** Lurking constrained cold-damp leading to malarial disorders Cao Guo
Which 2 Food Stag herbs are often paired for lack of appetite? Mai Ya & Gu Ya
**One of most important herbs for food stagnation. **Facilitates digestion. Has some Spleen strengthening properties. **Esp for food stag from rice, wheat flour & fruit. **Used with Gu Ya for lack of appetite Mai Ya
**One of most imp. herbs for food stag. **Has less pronounced digestive actions. Doesn't injure Stomach qi. **Esp. appropriate for children/older patients. **Best for food stag due to grains, w/ marked Sp. xu. **Used with Mai Ya for lack of appetite. Gu Ya
**Best for food stag. from too much meat & greasy food. ** Invigorates flow of blood Shan Zha
**Resolves food stag. **Promotes flow of qi. **Best for probs from too much alcohol/starchy food Shen Qu
**Resolves food stag. ** Promotes flow of qi. **Abdominal distension. **Belching from food stag. ** Cough/wheeze from phlegm. Lai Fu Zi
**Reduces food stag. **Strengthens Sp. & St. **Transforms stones & accumulations. ** Secures kidney essence to halt enuresis. Ji Nei Jin
**Stagnant Qi in Sp/St. **Upper abdominal pain. ** Paraumbilical pain **Abdominal pain - distension & fullness of epigrastrium/abdomen. **Stagnant qi in chest/abdomen with diarrhea Mu Xiang
**Stagnant qi in Sp/St. **Excessive phlegm **Stifling sensation in chest & belching Chen Pi
Two Regulate Qi herb for excessive phlegm Ju Hong & Chen Pi
**Stagnant qi in Sp/St **Stagnant Qi that is hot in nature **Stagnation in chest/upper back. **Harsher & more powerful actions of breaking up qi stasis than its mature fruit. Zhi Shi
**Used for constrained Liver Qi w/ symptoms of stagnant Qi. **Upper abdominal pain **Abdominal pain - best for problems secondary to emotional constraint, epigastric & hypochondriac distension & pain. **Menstrual problems, esp when scanty bleeding Xiang Fu
**Used for constrained Liver qi with symptoms of Stagnant qi. **Flank pain. **Stifling sensation in chest & belching Zhi Ke
**Constrained Liver Qi w/ symptoms of stag qi. **Stag. Qi that is cold in nature or with borborygmous **Paraumbilical pain, lower abdominal pain **Treats a wide area of body - pain anywhere in trunk (genitals to chest) **Warmer, so for cold probs Wu Yao
**Assists Kidneys grasp Lung qi **Stagnant Qi that is cold in nature **Lower abdominal pain Chen Xiang
**Stagnant qi that is hot in nature. **Flank pain **Lower abdominal pain Chuan Lian Zi
**Flank pain **Harsher and more powerful action of breaking up qi stasis than its more mature fruit. **Breast lumps Qing Pi
**Hiccup **Belching **Cough Shi Di
**Belching & incomplete bowel movements Da Fu Pi
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