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Luke Chapter 20

Jesus asked the chief priests, the elders, and the teachers of the law about John's baptism. What did He ask? 20:4 Whether it was heaven or from man
Why were the chief priest and teachers afraid to answer that John's baptism was from men? 20:6 They would be stoned, because the people were persuaded that John was a prophet
What was Jesus' reply to the chief priests and teachers concerning who gave Him His authority? 20:8 He said He would not tell them by what authority He did what He did
In the parable of the tenants, what did the tenants think would happen if they killed the heir? 20:14 The inheritance would be theirs
What did the tenants do to the owner of the vineyard's son? 20:15 They threw him out of the vineyard and killed him
What did Jesus say the owner of the vineyard would do to the wicked tenants? 20:16 Kill the tenants and give the vineyard to others
Jesus spoke a parable against the teachers of the law and the chief priests. They wanted to arrest Jesus immediately, but were afraid of _____. 20:19 The people
The spies asked Jesus, "Is it right for us to pay taxes to _____ or not?" 20:22 Caesar
Whose portrait and inscription were on a denarius? 20:25 Caesar's
Jesus' reply concerning paying taxes to Caesar was, "Then give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to _____ what is___." 20:25 God....God's
What did the Sadducees say about the resurrection? 20:27 That there is none
Under Moses' law, what was a man's brother to do if the man died and left a widow with no children? 20:28 The man was to marry the widow and have children for his brother
In the resurrection, there will be neither ____ nor ____. 20:35 Marriage....giving in marriage
God is not a God of the dead, but a God of what? 20:38 the living
David declares in the book of Psalms: "the Lord said to my Lord: Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies a ____." 20:42-43 footstool for your feet
Jesus quotes from the book of Psalms concerning Christ as the Son of David. (Luke 20:41-43) What confusing question did Jesus ask concerning the passage He quoted from Psalms? 20:44 If David calls him 'Lord', how can He be His son?
Who likes to walk around in flowing robes, be greeted in the market places, and have important seats at synagogues and banquets? 20:46 Teachers of the law
Jesus said teachers of the law, for a show, make lengthy prayers and do what to widow's houses? 20:47 devour them
How would teachers of the law be punished? 20:47 most severely
In the parable of the tenants, who did the owner of the vineyard send after the servants had failed? 20:13 His son
Created by: teamsouthgate