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GK 7


How was Mrs Rebecca Rolfe better known to history? Pocahontas
The 1502 "Treaty Of Perpetual Peace" was signed by which two countries? England and Scotland
What name is given to a built home for wasps? Vespiary
What is the name given to an otter's tail? Pole
Which element has the atomic number 70? Ytterbium
How is animal family the gadidae better known? Cods
Who was/is the lead singer of The Cardigans? Nina Persson
What was the name of Henry I's son, his only legitimate offspring, who drowned in 1120 when the White Ship sank? William (Adelin)
Who wrote, for his own epitaph "cast a cold eye on life, on death. Horseman, pass by!"? WB Yeats
Who wrote "Tono-Bungay"? HG Wells
What is the title of GB Shaw's five-part play that is intended to trace the entire history of mankind? Back To Methuselah
Where might one find Willy Nilly, Organ Morgan and Bessie Bighead? Under Milk Wood
What are the four books of Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet? Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive, Clea
Who wrote the wartime book "The Last Enemy"? Richard Hillary
Who were JB Priestley's "Good Companions"? A wandering music-hall troupe
Shangri-La appears in which James Hilton work? The Lost Horizon
What nationality was the printmaker and illustrator Alfred Kubin (1877-1959)? Austrian
Ulm lies on which river? Danube
In which German state is Ulm? Baden-Wurttemberg
What was the previous name of Tokyo? Edo
In which Irish county is Ballymena? Antrim
Which are London's two 'Theatres Royal'? Haymarket and Drury Lane
Which city was once called 'Medina Majerit'? Madrid
Which river flows through Moscow? Moskva
Which country was discovered on a Sunday by Columbus, something reflected in its name? Dominica
Which is the only US state capital not to share a letter with its state? Pierre
Where in the UK is 'West Kennet Avenue'? Avebury
Where in the UK is the Fox Talbot Museum? Lacock (Lacock Abbey)
In which county is stately home Corsham Court? Wiltshire
Released one year before his death, what was the name of Gil Scott-Heron's 2010 album, his first release in 16 years? I'm New Here
How is Sigur Ros's lead singer known as a solo artist? Jonsi (Jon Birgisson)
Which band released a tribute to WW1's last UK survivor called "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)"? Radiohead
What was the name of the last surviving WW1 veteran, from any country, who died on 4th February 2012, aged 110? Florence Green
Inspiring Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing", which Touareg band have been lauded by Robert Plant and The Rolling Stones, and call their musical style "assouf"? Tinariwen
Where was the German navy's fleet scuttled after WW1, in 1919? Scapa Flow
Who collaborated on 2009's "Empire State Of Mind"? Jay-Z, Alicia Keys
Avey Tare, Deaken, Geologist and Panda Bear are the monikers chosen by the four members of which Baltimore band? Animal Collective
What name is given to someone who lives beyond their 110th birthday? Supercentenarian
Indonesia-raised Dougy Mandagi is the lead vocalist with which band? The Temper Trap
The cave of El Castillo, home to the world's oldest known cave art, is in which Spanish province? Cantabria
The cave of El Castillo, home to the world's oldest known cave art, is part of which larger cave complex? Caves of Monte Castillo
What is the nickname of the US state of South Dakota? Coyote State
What is the nickname of the US state of Tennessee? Volunteer State
What is the nickname of the US state of Texas? Lone Star State
What is the nickname of the US state of Utah? Beehive State
What is the nickname of the US state of Vermont? Green Mountain State
What is the highest point in the Rocky Mountains? Mount Elbert
A seated statue of IK Brunel can be found at which London railway terminus? Paddington
Which area became England's tenth national park in 2011? South Downs
How many US states have four-letter names? Three (Ohio, Utah, Iowa)
Which nation has a tradition of giving carved wooden spoons as love tokens? Wales
What colour is the top band of the German flag? Black
The White House can be found at what number on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC? 1600
Which is the only US state capital with a 3 word name? Salt Lake City
The name of which region derives from an indigenous word meaning "object to which the action of the sea is directed"? Alaska
What are the seventh and eighth books of the New Testament, following 'Romans'? 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians
Which atrocity was originally known as the Pinkville massacre? My Lai Massacre
From what is tahini made? Ground sesame seeds
Who wrote the opera "Owen Wingrave"? Britten
Who wrote "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" for his wife? Ewan MacColl
Whose 2009 debut opera was "Prima Donna"? Rufus Wainwright
What was the name of Bob Dylan's 2009 album that reached number 1 in the UK, his first such number one since 1970? Together Through Life
What was the second record to be played on Radio 1? Massachusetts by The Bee Gees
Which company owns Toblerone (as of 2015)? Mondelez International (formerly Kraft)
Greaseball and Rusty are both characters in which Lloyd Webber musical? Starlight Express
In which year was the Mallard locomotive built? 1938
Who is believed to have ordered the construction of a church on the site of Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre? Constantine
In which TV show was the titular character's catchphrase "Evenin' all"? Dixon of Dock Green
Which show featured Paddy the shop steward regularly saying "everybody out"? The Rag Trade
In which show did the character Yosser Hughes regularly say "Gis A Job"? The Boys From The Blackstuff
What was the first name of Dr Kildare? James
Who played Dr Kildare in the 1960s TV series? Richard Chamberlain
Who played Gene Hunt in the USA version of the TV series "Life On Mars"? Harvey Keitel
In Coronation Street, what was the fate of Ken Barlow's second wife, Janet Reid? Killed herself
Which architect designed Portmeirion in an Italianate manner? Clough Williams-Ellis
What is the name of the highest road pass in Wales, connecting Hay-on-Wye and Abergavenny via the Black Mountains? Gospel Pass
Which bridge connects England and Wales via the M4? Second Severn Crossing Bridge
On which Fijian island is the country's highest point, Mount Victoria - it is also the country's largest? Viti Levu
What is the family name of the Earls of Derby? Stanley
Lifford is the county town of which Irish county? Donegal
Which monument is Ypers lists 65,000 fallen soldiers who have no known grave? Menin Gate
What is the Hawaiian garland of welcome called? Lei
What is the largest lake in Louisiana? Pontchartrain
Which county's name derives from the old English for 'river ford of the stags'? Hertfordshire
Which Russian city has sometimes been nicknamed "A Window To Europe"? St Petersburg
Opened in 1932, what is the world's longest steel arch bridge? Sydney Harbour Briddge
In which US state is Dodge City? Kansas
What is the English name for what is called "Huang Ho" in China? Yellow River
Alex Olmedo, the winner of Wimbledons' men's singles title in 1959, was born in onw country but represented another: which two countries? Peru and USA respectively
Who scored the only goal in the 2013 FA Cup Final? Ben Watson
Joe Flacco, the MVP in the 2013 Superbowl, played for which team in the game? Baltimore Ravens
Ulrich Wehling was a triple Winter Olympics gold medallist in which discipline? Nordic Combined
Who were the only country to participate in the 2011 Cricket World Cup to never have been once ruled by Britain? Netherlands
Which 12.5km circular motor racing track is located in Apulia, Italy? Nardo Ring
Who scored the only goal in the 2003 FA Cup Final? Robert Pires (Arsenal 1 Southampton 0)
Leslie and Kitty Godfrey are the only husband and wife to have achieved what feat? Win the mixed doubles at Wimbledon
Which England batsman and captain played in 31 Tests before scoring his first century? Mike Gatting
What are gozzers, jokers and pinkies? Maggots used as bait in fishing
Which animal features on the badge of football team Preston North End? Lamb
What are oast houses used for? Drying hops
Which horse won the Grand National in 2007? Silver Birch
Where was the ancient Cynic philosopher Diogenes born? Sinope
The term 'cynic', initially referring to a philosophical school, derives from the Greek for what word? Dog
Give a year in the life of Socrates. 469-399BCE
In the Theogony of Hesiod, Uranus is the son of who? Gaia
In the Theogony of Hesiod, who was the first divinity? Chaos
The musical instrument the samisen is native to which country? Japan
Who was Pope from 1963 to 1978? Paul VI
Which element is the best conductor of heat? Silver
How is sodium thiosulphate also known? Hypo
Which element has the atomic number 20? Calcium
What is the chemical name of Borax? Sodium borate
Which street drug is sometimes called 'flake' or 'blow'? Cocaine
What is the capital of Puerto Rico? San Juan
What is the capital of Haiti? Port-au-Prince
In which 19th century year did Krakatoa famously erupt? 1883
Which of the world's continents is the flattest? Australia
Which is Hyde Park's largest lake? Serpentine
Which Irish city was a European capital of Culture in 2005? Cork
The headquarters of the International Monetary Fund are in which city? Washington DC
On what does the Lord Chancellor in the House of lords traditionally sit? Woolsack
Pernambuco is a state in which country? Brazil
Which river flows into the sea between Torquay and Dawlish? Teign
On which island is the prehistoric stone circle at Callanish? Lewis
Which German city lies at the confluence of the Rhine and the Neckar? Mannheim
Which English town and harbour lies at the mouth of the river Medina? Cowes (I.O.W.)
How are the Gilbert & Ellis Islands now known? Kiribati, Tuvalu
Often depicting Oriental subjects, and an exponent of the conservative Academic style, which French painter (1824-1904) initially showed public hostility to "decadent fashion" of Impressionism, but eventually concluded it was "not as bad as I thought"? Jean-Leon Gerome
Which 19th Century realist movement in art takes its name from a village near the Forest of Fontainebleau? Barbizon School
Who painted the famous "Grande Odalisque" in 1814? Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Daumier and Corot both belonged to which school (or in other words, depicted which style)of painting? Realism
Which French Romantic painter died aged just 37 in 1856, after a career spent depicting portraits, historical and religious paintings, allegorical murals, and Orientalist images inspired by his travels to Algeria? Chasseriau
Which psychologist once owned (and concealed from view) Courbet's controversial "L'Origine Du Monde"? Lacan
What was the name of Zorro's deaf manservant? Bernardo
On which show did Janice Nicholls famously say "Oi'll give it foive"? Thank Your Lucky Stars
What did the 'RB' stand for in RB Sheridan? Richard Brinsley
The plays "Emperor Jones" and "The Fountain" were by which US dramatist? Eugene O'Neill
"The Perishers" and "Horace" were cartoons best associated with which UK daily newspaper? Daily Mirror
Who painted the ceiling of the Paris Opera House Auditorium? Marc Chagall
Which book was originally called "The Weaver of Raveloe? Silas Marner
Which British monarch wrote farming articles under a pseudonym? George III
What was the name, taken from a Classical source, that was given to a Marxist revolutionary movement organized in Germany during World War I? Spartacus Uprising
Of which country was Manuel Noriega military dictator from 1983 to 1989? Panama
Who created Detective Inspector Lynley? Elizabeth George
Which Chicago-based detective was created by Sara Paretsky, her first appearance occurring in 1982's "Indemnity Only"? VI Warshawski
Who wrote the Jacobean tragedy "The Duchess Of Malfi"? John Webster
Which common bird has the scientific/Latin name 'sturnus vulgaris'? Starling
Which man, a joint national of both countries, holds both the UK and US records for longest period of time spent in space? Michael Foale
To which philosophic school did Epictetus belong? Stoics/Stoicism
Who was Greek philosopher Epictetus' pupil, who wrote down his master's teachings? Arrian
What was first discussed by Henry Fauld in 'Nature' magazine in 1880? Use of fingerprints in crime detection
What name is given to the science of fingerprint identification? Dactyloscopy
Which sawmill at Coloma, California was the first place gold was found in that state, triggering the Gold Rush? Sutter's Mill
The Admiralty Islands are part of which country? Papua New Guinea
The Santa Cruz Islands belong to which country? Solomon Islands
Born in 1850, the seventh son of Queen Victoria became a Royal Duke and a British Field Marshal. Who was he? Alfred, Duke of Connaught
Which British “trad” jazz band had a 1961 US and UK No 2 hit with "Midnight In Moscow"? Kenny Ball & The Jazzmen
William Gaunt, Stuart Damon and Alexandra Bastedo played the titular characters in which 1960s television series? The Champions
Perugia is the capital of which Italian region? Umbria
Which TV drama series featured the regular supporting characters Hathaway played by Laurence Fox and Innocent played by Rebecca Front? Lewis
Harrisburg, Scranton and Pittsburgh are in which US State? Pennsylvania
The eighth labour of Hercules involved stealing what sort of creatures belonging to the giant Diomedes? Mares/horses
At the Academy Awards held in February 2015, which man became the second Mexican director in a row to win the Award for Best Director, winning for "Birdman (Or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)"? Alejandro González Iñárritu
Which actor, who also played Inspector Reginald Wexford in "The Ruth Rendell Mysteries", played Tiberius in the 1976 BBC adaptation of "I, Claudius"? George Baker
Which species of cat, with scientific name Puma concolor, can be known as a panther or puma, and has the largest geographical range of any New World mammal, from northern Canada to the Andes? Cougar (mountain lion)
Nitrogen and oxygen between them comprise just over 99% of the earth’s atmosphere. Which gas comprises almost nine-tenths of the remaining 1%? Argon
Which 1925 novel features a day in the life of the title character, whose forename is Clarissa, as she prepares for a party she is to hold that evening? Mrs Dalloway
In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which African side became the only team to avoid defeat against Germany when they drew 2 -2 in a group match which saw Miroslav Klose score his 15th World Cup finals goal? Ghana
"On Vision and Colours" is an important work by which German philosopher? Schopenhauer
Which 1929 novel is in four parts, each centred on the Compsons, a once-grand Mississippi family who have fallen into financial ruin? The Sound And The Fury (Faulkner)
At the Academy Awards held in February 2015, US actor J. K. Simmons won the Best Supporting Actor for playing tyrannical high school jazz instructor Terence Fletcher in which film? Whiplash
James Trotter is the protagonist of which children's book by Roald Dahl? James and The Giant Peach
What is the title of the song, a tribute to the artist L.S. Lowry, with which Brian and Michael had a 1978 UK Number One single? Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs
How do the French refer to the Netherlands? Pays Bas
Which American artist died in New York in 1987 following gallbladder surgery? Andy Warhol
Which letter of the Greek alphabet appears between zeta and thetaand in uppercase resembles a capital H? Eta
Richard Branson's nephew Abel Smith, now known as Ned Rocknroll, is the third husband of which British actress? Kate Winslet
What Italian dessert is made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, adding gelatine so that it sets when it cools? Panna cotta
Milwaukee and Chicago lie on which of the Great Lakes? Lake Michigan
Which playwright wrote the plays, the Barber of Seville and the Marriage of Figaro? Marriage of Figaro, upon which Rossini and Mozart based operas? Pierre Beuamarchais
Which monarch (1015-28) introduced Christianity to Norway? Olaf II
Which Norwegian monarch was also a King of Northumbria from 947–948 and 952–954? Eric Bloodaxe
Who was the king of Norway from 934 to 961, noted for his attempts to introduce Christianity into the country? Ultimately they failed until Olaf II succeeded 100 years later. Hakon the Good
Which King of Norway (1046-66) was killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge? Harald Hardrada (Harald III)
What was the name of the state that brought together the Scandinavian nations from 1397 to 1523? Kalmar Union
Which cross country skier won a record 12 Winter Olympic medals between 1992 and 1998? Bjorn Daehlie
In which town or city do Norwegian football team Rosenberg play home matches? Trondheim
Which famous ski jump is located just outside Oslo - it has hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1930, 1966, 1982 and 2011? Holmenkollen
Which live radio variety show created and hosted by Garrison Keillor, usually originates from Saint Paul, Minnesota? A Prairie Home Companion
Although historically dubious, which is the first 'house' of Scottish kings? Alpin
Which brother of Kenneth MacAlpin succeeded him as King of the Picts? Domnall (Donald I)
Canonised in 1250, who was the mother of Scottish kings David I and Alexander I? Queen Margaret (of Wessex)
How is King of the Picts Causantín mac Cináeda's name usually Anglicised? Constantine I
Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are characters in which novel series? The Hunger Games
Steve McQueen, the 1999 Turner Prize winner, also won an Oscar for producing which 2013 film? 12 Years A Slave
Located on the island of Jeju, what is South Korea's highest peak? Hallasan
Which 1943 battle of the SW Pacific saw the US and Australia attack a Japanese convoy taking troops to New Guinea, killing 2700 troops and destroying all 8 troop transports? Battle of the Bismarck Sea
Which golf course in Florida is home to the Players Championship, sometimes called the 'Fifth Major'? Sawgrass
What is the world's smallest deer, divided into two species of 'Northern' and 'Southern'? Pudu
The Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, opened in 2014 and replaced the Cirrus building as which country's tallest? Finland
At the start of the 19th century (in 1800) how may states were in the USA? 16
Which Western and horror film star played 'Roper' in Bruce Lee film 'Enter The Dragon'? John Saxon
'The Magic Flute' is an example of which German form of opera that usually features magical or fantasy creatures? Singspiel
Electron, muon and tau are the three flavours of which subatomic particle? Neutrino
Which toy was patented in 1920 by Germans Hans Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall? Pogo
Which 17th Century French author introduced the fairy tale genre, with works including Puss in Boots, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood? Charles Perrault
Ordained Bishop of Paris in 1159, which revered theologian's most famous work was 'Libri Quator Senterntiarum (The Four Sentences)'? Peter Lombard
In 1512, Antonio d'Abreu was the first European known to have sighted which large island? New Guinea
Which city, the site of the 1469 marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella, was capital of Spain immediately before Madrid? Valladolid
Francis Chichester sailed round the world in 1966-67 in which yacht? Gipsy Moth IV
Which short-lived Scottish poet (1750-74) was a big influence of Robert Burns? Robert Fergusson
Which secretary of Mary, Queen of Scots was killed in a conspiracy lef by her husband, Lord Darnley? Rizzio
Who is the patron saint of astronomers? Dominic
Who is the patron saint of authors and deaf people? Francis de Sales
Who is the patron saint of bankers? Matthew
Who is the patron saint of bricklayers? Stephen
Who is the patron saint of children and brides? Nicholas of Myra
Who was the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots? Mary of Guise
Which cannon, built in 1449, is one of the world's largest by calibre, and is located at Edinburgh Castle? Mons Meg
The monarchs of which nation were, in legend, descended from the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh - the daughter being the one who discovered Moses among the reeds? Scotland (daughter called 'Scota')
When did the Scottish Parliament Building open? 2005
Which architect, who died in 2000, designed the Scottish parliament building? Enric Miralles
Which Scottish poet (1686-1758) wrote "The Ever Green" and "The Gentle Shepherd"? Allan Ramsay
What is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory? Scrimshaw
What breed of dog was Greyfriars Bobby? Skye Terrier
Who wrote the "Freakonomics" series? Levitt & Dubner
Who called economics "The dismal science"? Carlyle
The name 'economics' derives from the Greek "oikonomia", which means what? Household management
In which year was Adam Smith's 'Wealth of Nations' published? 1776
Tidore and Ternate are both islands in which group? Spice Islands/Moluccas/Maluku Islands
Which grouping of five emerging nation economies, which had held 7 summits by 2015, accounts for 40% of the world's population? BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, S Africa)
Which island, in the Bristol Channel, was the home of St Gildas in the 6th Century? Steep Holme
Gytha Thorkelsdóttir or Githa, was the mother of which monarch? Harold II of England
Which college in Bath is famous for training nannies? Norland
Which town is "Cas Gwent" in Welsh? Chepstow
Who ordered the building of Jerusalem's Church of The Holy Sepulchre? Constantine the Great
In which year was the Christian Council of Chalcedon? 451AD
Who was resposnible for first translating the Bible into Welsh, in 1588? William Morgan
Who founded the Unification Church? Rev Sun Myung Moon
What is the main foundation text of the Unification Church, or Moonies? The Divine Principle
With a congregation of over 830,000, and seating for over 26,000, in which city is the largest church in the world? Seoul (Yoido Full Gospel Church)
Give a year in the life of Socrates. 469-399BCE
In Greek myth, Uranus is usually portrayed as having which mother? Gaia
What was the Roman equivalent of Sky-god Uranus? Caelus
In Hesiod's Theogony, who or aht was the first divinity? Chaos
Who was the youngest son of Uranus in Greek myth? Cronos
Which work of Plato introduces the concept of the demiurge? Timaeus
In which Ancient town was Herodotus born? Halicarnassus
'History' is derived from the Greek word 'historia' - which means what? Enquiry
Give a year during the Peloponnesian War. 431-404BCE
Which association of Greek states was founded in 478BCE? Delian League
Which country was the home of Creditansalt, which went bankrupt in 1931 - at the time, it was the nation's largest credit provider? Austria
Seen as a national hero in Lithuania, which Grand Duke (1350-1430) united the country after civil war and expanded the borders? Vytautas
At which 1410 battle was the Teutonic Order defeated by Polish and Lithuanian forces? Battle of Grunwald
Which war of 1558-83 involved a battle for areas now in Estonia and Latvia, and was fought by theTsardom of Russia facing a varying coalition of Denmark–Norway, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Union of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland? Livonian War
Which set of town privileges were first developed by Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor (936–73) and based on the Flemish law, regulating the degree of internal autonomy within cities and villages, granted by the local ruler? Magdeburg Rights or Law
What name was given to 1595-96 decision of the Ruthenian Church of Rus', the "Metropolia of Kiev-Halych and all Rus'", to break relations with the Patriarch of Constantinople and to place itself under the authority of the Pope of Rome? Union of Brest
Rzeczpospolita is a traditional and official name for which modern state? Poland (although at times the territory covered has more closely resembled that of Belarus)
In 1853, which country introduced the first fully printed banknotes? UK
What was Lenin's real name? Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
Gomon was a revolutionary group set up in St Petersburg in 1880 by nationals of which country? Belarus
Which economist (1867-1947) devised the MV = PT equation? Irving Fisher
What name is given to the process where banks print money to pay off government debt? Quantitative Easing
In which US state is Three Mile Island, site of the 1978 nuclear accident? Pennsylvania
Give a year in the life of Roman historian Tacitus. 55-120CE
Give a year in the life of Voltaire. 1694-1778
Which German historian, theologian and poet (1744-1803)wrote Outline of a Philosophical History of Humanity? Johann Von Herder
Which ruler founded and united the Akkadian Kingdom in 2334BCE? Sargon
Who (1780-1832) wrote the 'Nihon Gashi', or the unofficial history of Japan? Rio Sanyo
Give a year in the Peninsular War. 1808-14
Which hominids were the first to have walked upright? Australopithecus
To the nearest million years, when did man's early ancestors first walk upright? 4 million years ago
One million years ago, what was the dominant hominid species? Homo Erectus
To the nearest 50,000 years, how long ago did the Homo Sapiens species emerge? 150,000
Described and named by Otto Schoetensack, which hominid species lived in Africa, Europe and western Asia between 600 and 200 thousand years ago? Homo heidelbergensis
A supervolcanic eruption occurred some time between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago, and that may have affected human evoloution, took place near the site of which present-day lake in Indonesia? Lake Toba
To the nearest 5000 years, when did Neanderthals die out, leaving Homo Sapiens the only hominid species on Earth? 25,000 years ago
Which time in Prehistoric Japan from about 12,000 BC to about 300 BC, saw Japan inhabited by a hunter-gatherer culture which reached a considerable degree of sedentism and cultural complexity? Jomon period
Copper smelting has first been detected around 6000BCE at which famous prehistoric site in modern-day Turkey? Çatalhöyük
Who unified Upper and Lower Egypt in 3100BCE? Narmer
Caral, one of the most ancient cities in the Americas, is in which modern-day nation? Peru
Which dynasty in Egypt built the Pyramids at Giza? Fourth
Stonehenge was constructed in which century? 26th century BC (2550BCE)
The ziggurat of Ur was dedicated to which moon god? Nanna (also called Sin)
Which people conquered Babylon during the reign of Tukulti-Ninurta I (ruled 1243-1207BCE)? Babylon
The neo-Assyrians sacked Babylon in 689BCE under the command of which ruler? Sennacherib
What was the neo-Assyrian capital? Nineveh
Which Persian dynasty lasted from 550-330BCE? Achaemenid
The Zagros mountains are located in which country? Iran
Which was the first metal to be worked by humans? copper
What name id given to heating a copper ore with charcoal? smelting
Who was the last Achaemenid ruler, defeated by Alexander the Great? Darius III
Bronze is an alloy of which two metals? Copper and Tin
In which English county is Woodhenge? Wiltshire
What was the royal capital of the Achaemenid Empire? Persepolis
The Mnajadra Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in which country? Malta
Who was, according to tradition, founder (559-530BCE) of the Achaemenid Empire? Cyrus
Which Achaemenid ruler led an unsuccessful attempt to invade Greece in 490BCE? Darius
Which Achaemenid ruler led an unsuccessful attempt to invade Greece in 480-478BCE? Xerxes
Which 11th century Romanesque cathedral is located in Kirkwall, Orkney? St Magnus Cathedral
Which mass-participation game is played on Christmas Day and New Year's Day at Kirkwall, Orkney? KIrkwall Ba' Game
On which island in Orkney was St Magnus killed, according to the sagas? Egilsay
Which Royal Navy battleship was sunk off of Orkney on 14th October 1939? HMS Royal Oak
On Orkney's Lamb Holm is a small chapel, built with scrap materials by POWs from which country? Italy
Which Orcadian custom involves tarring and feathering a groom-to-be prior to their wedding? Blackening
On which island did Margaret, the Maid of Norway, die in 1290? South Ronaldsay
In which county is High Wycombe? Buckinghamshire
What is the capital of Saskatchewan? Regina
What is the official language of Namibia? English
In which county is Althorp? Northamptonshire
Guernica lies in which area of Spain? Basque Country
In which gorge did the Leakeys make their famous archaeological finds of early hominids? Olduvai
Which river runs through Brisbane? Brisbane River
In which US state is Kiawah island? South Carolina
Which trade union is or was the POA? Prison Officers' Association
Where is Mercia FM based? Coventry
Which Fleet Street church has traditionally been associated with the press? St Bride's
In which year of the 20th century was there a catastrophic fire at York Minster? 1984
To which 'party' did the first two Presidents of the USA belong? Federalist
Give a year during the Presidency of George Washington. 1789-1797
Who was US President in the year 1800? John Adams
Who was the fourth President of the USA? James Madison (1809-17)
Who was the fifth President of the USA? James Monroe (1817-25)
Who replaced John Quincy Adams as US President? Andrew Jackson
Give a year in the life of poet Thomas Gray. 1716-1771
Who painted "Men Of The Vendramin Family Before A Relic Of The True Cross"? Titian
Roebuck Ramsden appears in which play? Man and Superman (by GB Shaw)
Wilson The Wonder Athlete (age: 128) appeared in which comic? Wizard
Give a year in the life of Canaletto. 1697-1768
Who wrote "The Castle of Otranto"? Horace Walpole
"Skunk Hour" and "Waking In The Blue" - works by which US confessional poet? Lowell
Who was the wife of Edward III? Philippa of Hainault
Who were the French anti-independence opponents of Algeria's FLN? OAS
Which governor-general dismissed the Government of Australia in 1975? Kerr
Who has been the longest serving Australian PM? Menzies
Sargon was a famous ruler of which people? Akkadians
Which Austrian Nazi politician was Chancellor of Austria for 2 days from March 11 until March 13, 1938 prior to Anschluss? Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Who was the last Aztec king? Montezuma II
When did Bangladesh gain independence? 1971
Who was Bangladesh's first leader? Sheikh Rahman
Which US Dollar bill features The White House? $20
What term, of British origin, applies to Government-issued stocks in Commonwealth countries? Gilts, or gilt-edged securities
Which disease vector includes all the species in the genus Glossina? Tsetse Fly
Which incorporated company began life providing shipping news in a 17th Century London coffee house? Lloyds
The RHS has awarded medals since 1870 named after which naturalist? Veitch
'Semper Fidelis' is the motto of which military corps? US Marine Corps
For what does the UK medical pressure group 'FABLE' stand? For A Better Life With Epilepsy
Which substance was invented by the mother of one of The Monkees? Tipp-Ex/Liquid Paper
When did wearing front seatbelts become compulsory in the UK? 1983
Which breed first won the 'Best In Show' at Crufts? Greyhound
Which man created Facebook and is, as of 2015, its CEO? Mark Zuckerberg
Which rank is directly superior to private in the UK Army? Lance Corporal
What does TUC stand for in the name of the UK organisation? Trade Union Congress
Which song provides the theme music to 1986 film "The Breakfast Club"? Simple Minds' "(Don't You) Forget About Me"
Who wrote and directed "The Breakfast Club"? John Hughes
Who said "The trouble with Freud is that he never played the Glasgow Empire on a Saturday night"? Ken Dodd
Which TV company was behind the original series of "Fifteen to One"? Regent Productions
How is Jim Bradford better known in UK TV? Jimmy Nail
Who once said of Liz Taylor "her arms are too fat, her legs are too short and she is too big in the bust"? Richard Burton
Who played Paddy in "The Rag Trade"? Miriam Karlin
Which character did Lucy Benjamin portray in Eastenders? Lisa Shaw
Which actress played opposite Oliver Reed in the 1969 film "The Assassination Bureau"? Diana Rigg
Who was Susan Sarandon's partner from 1988 to 2009? Tim Robbins
Which chimpanzee - actually played by multiple animals - appeared in many of the Tarzan movies of the 1930s and 1940s? Cheeta
Which four people founded United Artists? Chaplin, Pickford, Fairbanks Sr and DW Griffith
For which film did Sydney Pollack win a 1984 Best Director Oscar? Out of Africa
Niven's Oscar winning film "Separate Tables" was based on a play by whom? Rattigan
Which radio station launched, and as of 2015, still broadcast on, 1089MW? Talksport
The term 'paparazzi' takes its name from a character in which film? La Dolce Vita (1960) - Fellini is said to have come up with the name
Which character did Bogart play in "Casablanca"? Rick Blaine
Stu Bailey and Kookie Cookson were characters in which TV series, that originally ran from 1958-64? 77 Sunset Strip
Which Coleraine-born actor played Ivan Cooper in the film "Bloody Sunday"? Nesbitt
Where did the 1972 Bloody Sunday shootings take place? Bogside area of Derry
What was the profession of Charles Blondin (1824-1897)? Tightrope walker
What is Twiggy's real name? Lesley Hornby
In which fictional county is The Archers set? Borsetshsire
What is the nickname of the US State of Massachussetts? Bay State
What is the nickname of the US State of Michigan? Wolverine State
What is the nickname of the US State of Minnesota? North Star State, Gopher State
What is the nickname of the US State of Mississippi? Magnolia State
What is the nickname of the US State of Missouri? Show Me State
What is the nickname of the US State of Montana? Treasure State
What is the nickname of the US State of Nebraska? Cornflower State
What is the nickname of the US State of Nevada? Silver State
What is the nickname of the US State of New Hampshire? Granite State
What is the profession of 'Krook' in "Bleak House"? Rag & Bone Man
Who owns the titular dwelling in 'Bleak House'? John Jarndyce
Which UFO religion was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon? Raëlism
What name is given to the decorated glass found over doors? Fanlight
Early English, Decorated and Perpendicular are all forms of which architectural style? Gothic
What are the three main orders of Greek columns? Doric, Ionic and Corinthian
Which two orders of column were added to the traditional three Greek ones by the Romans? Tuscan, composite
Which is the oldest of the traditional orders of Classical columns? Doric
What name is given to a decorative coating for walls and ceilings made of an aggregate, a binder, and water that hardens to a dense solid? Stucco
What name is given to any longitudinal, horizontal, structural member in a roof? Purlin
Who wrote "The Forsyte Saga"? John Galsworthy
Which is the first novel of "The Forsyte Saga"? Man of Property
"Young Torless" is a 1906 novel written by which Austrian author? Musil
Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" is based on real events in which city? Chicago
Which place is the intended bombing target in Conrad's "The Secret Agent"? Greenwich Observatory
Which Russian author wrote the 1907 novel "Mother"? Gorky
Who famously painted portraits where the faces are composed using fruit and vegetables? Arcimboldo
Whose 1821 painting "The Epsom Derby" featured anatomically impossible horses? Gericault
Which organisation is Christopher Andrew's book "The Defence Of The Realm" primarily about? MI5
"How It Is", a sculpture on The Holocaust that was exhibited at The Tate in 2009, was by which Pole? Miroslaw Balka
Which artist's 2009 exhibition of paintings was "No Love Lost: Blue Paintings"? Damien Hirst
"The Whitsun Weddings" and "High Windows" are both famous poems by who? Larkin
In which year was The Beano founded? 1938
CS Lewis's "That Hideous Strength" was heavily influenced by which of Lewis's fellow 'Inklings'? Charles Williams
What two-word term is used for an incendiary weapon used by the Byzantine Empire from c672CE onwards which provided them with an advantage over their rivals in warfare - however, its exact nature and composition has been lost, and remains unknown today? Greek Fire
Give any of the three forenames of German philosopher, Hegel. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
"The Siege of Malta" and "Bizarro", both first (posthumously) published in 2008, were works by whom? Sir Walter Scott
Which Empire replaced the Parthian as rulers of Persia? Sassanid
The recent trend of attaching "love padlocks" to bridges began at which bridge, after the practice was depicted in Federico Moccia's book and film, "I Want You"? Milvian Bridge, Rome (Ponte Milvia)
On what date was Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor? Christmas Day 800
Egbert (771/775–839) was king of where before being declared bretwalda, or "Ruler of Britain"? Wessex
Which treaty of 843 divided the Carolingian Empire, and effectively separated the future France from Germany? Treaty of Verdun
In the words of the British Library, "the earliest complete survival of a dated printed book", dated to 11th May 868, which book was discovered in China in 1907? Diamond Sutra
Give a year in the reign of Alfred the Great. 871-899
Who founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland, and is often credited with discovering the island? Erik the Red
Which Norseman sailed to North America in the year 1000AD, approximately? Leif Eriksson
In 1014 who led the Forces of The High King of Ireland to victory at the Battle of Clontarf? Brian Boru
On what date of 1066 was the Battle of Hastings? 14th October
Which battle was also known as Senlac? Hastings
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, hosted Elizabeth I at which castle in Warwickshire that was part-destroyed in 1649? Kenilworth
Which portrait of Elizabeth I, usually attributed to William Segar, is named after her furs? William Segar
Which poet excommunicated Elizabeth I in 1570 for heresy and persecution of Catholics? Pius V
Which disease left Elizabeth I almost bald? Smallpox
Which English Duke was executed in 1572 for involvement in a Spanish plot? Norfolk
Who was the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots? Mary of Guise
"The Rough Wooing" was an attempt to get Mary, Queen of Scots, to marry who? Edward VI
Mohenjo-Daro was an ancient city, and a current archaeological site, in which country? Pakistan
Which ancient people first established the 365-day calendar? Egyptians
Long considered the earliest city in the world, where is the archaeological site of Eridu? Iraq, or Southern Mesopotamia
Which river flows through Cardiff? Taff
From 1733 to 1947, who owned Cardiff Castle? Marquises of Bute
Where is the British Speedway Grand Prix held annually? Millenium Stadium
Who designed the Senedd in Cardiff? Richard Rogers
In which US state is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway? Louisiana
What is the largest artificial hill in Europe? Silbury Hill
Which is the oldest college in Aberdeen? Kings
Which UK town hall is known for pillars that don't actually touch the roof? Windsor
Where is the world's oldest still-operating casino? Monte Carlo
Which building in the world has Tthe largest capacity? Boeing Factory, Everett, Washington
What is Britain's oldest known stone castle? Chepstow
In which county would you find Bridgnorth Castle, with its leaning keep? Shropshire
In which English county is Berkeley Castle? Gloucestershire
Where in the UK is the largest cathedral cloister in the country? Salisbury
How many elements are named for Ytterby? Four (Yttrium, Ytterbium, Erbium, Terbium)
Which element, number 58, was traditionally used in cigarette lighter flints? Cerium
In which country is Ytterby? Sweden
Which element is used in electroplating? Chromium
Which element is used in flash bulbs to produce the flash? Magnesium
To whom was Frank Sinatra married from 1951-57? Ava Gardner
His third wife, to whom was Frank Sinatra married from 1966 to 1968? Mia Farrow
Which jazz pianist and composer had the middle name Sphere? Thelonius Monk
Sonny Rollins is mainly known for playing which instrument? Tenor sax
In which war was the Battle of Spion Kop? Second Boer War
Who commanded the British forces at Spion Kop? Sir Redvers Buller
Who designed the R100 Airship? Barnes Wallis
In which year did Mussolini invade Ethiopia? 1935
Who established the Birmingham Royal Ballet and Royal Ballet School? Ninette De Valois
Who wrote 'The Shortest Way With Dissenters'? Defoe
What are the names of the two large towers at the Palace of Westminster? Clock Tower and Victoria Tower
Which German political party was founded by Konrad Adenauer? Christian Democratic Party
Alban Berg and Anton Webern were pupils of which composer? Schoenberg
How many imperial gallons are in a barrel of oil? 35 (42 US gallons)
What was the first play of Harold Pinter, written in 1957? The Room
What is the name of the Rake in the Rake's Progress? Tom Rakewell
What is the first book in the Forsyte Saga? A Man Of Property
What is the last book in the Forsyte Saga? To Let
What is the name of the large island which is the setting for Conrad's "Almayer Folly" and "An Outcast Of The Islands"? Borneo
"Only Connect" is the epitaph to which novel? Howard's End
Alec Waugh, brother of Evelyn, wrote a first novel about life in a public school - what was it called? The Loom Of Youth
Lady Ariadne Utterwood and Mrs Hesione Hushabye are sisters in which GB Shaw play? Heartbreak House
Which modern novel ends with "She walked rapidly in the June sunlight towards the worst horror of all"? Brighton Rock
Who preceded Cecil Day-Lewis as Poet Laureate? Masefield
Which poet wrote this epitaph for his own grave "cast a cold eye, on life, on death. Horseman, pass by."? WB Yeats
Who wrote "Tono-Bungay"? HG Wells
What flags were raised above the summit of Everest by Hillary and Tenzing in 1953? UN, GB, Nepal and India (in that order)
What was the first national flag of the US Confederacy, changed because of its resemblance to the Union flag? Stars And Bars
How many stripes are there on the Greek flag? Nine
What is the translation of the Arabic on the Saudi flag? There Is No God But God And Mohammed Is His Prophet
Why was the orange stripe on the Dutch flag replaced by a red one? Better visibility at sea
Which was the first national flag on the surface of the moon? USSR (Luna 2 scattered some)
A hammer and what else appeared on the emblem of the GDR in flag? A pair of dividers
Which countries' flags depict a rising sun? Malawi & Antigua and Barbuda
When withdrawn in 1991, what was the only then-running Beano comic strip that had featured in the magazine's first ediction? Lord Snooty
Who drew the comic "Beetle Bailey"? Mort Walker
What is the name of the setting for Beetle Bailey? Camp Swampy
Whose "Chronicles" of 1578 was a major source for Shakespeare when he wrote his plays? Holinshead
Which Shakespeare play has three parts? Henry VI
In which Shakespeare play does Joan Of Arc appear? Henry VI Part 1
Which musical, that premiered in 1938, was based on The Comedy Of Errors? The Boys from Syracuse
What is the name of the Amazonian queen in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Hippolyta
Who are the King and Queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Oberon & Titania
What is Puck's real name in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Robin Goodfellow
What is Bottom's first name and occupation in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Nick, weaver
Who is Dickens' only female narrator across his books? Esther Summerson
Who is Samuel Pickwick's valet? Sam Weller
In Bleak House, which philanthropist neglects her own family? Mrs Jellyby
Which German philosopher (1776-1841) wrote "A Textbook in Psychology" and was a pioneer in describing the unconscious, believing it to be the repository for rejected ideas? Johann Friedrich Herbart
Whose 1849 "The Sickness Unto Death" is seen by many as marking the start of existentialism? Soren Kierkegaard
Which neurosurgeon discovered, in 1861, that the right and left cerebral hemispheres have different functions; a part of the brain linked to speech production is named for him? Broca's Area
How is Empedocles believed to have died? Jumping into Mt Etna
Which Presocratic believed that the world was fundamentally composed of, and originated from, water? Thales
Which Presocratic believed the world stemmed from "apeirion"? Anaximander
In 2009, who was announced to be the chair of the latest Iraq enquiry? Lord Chilcot
Mir-Hossein Mousavi Khameneh ran against who in a 2009 Presidential election? Ahmadinejad
Who was nicknamed "The Butcher of the Balkans"? Ratko Mladic
What did Barack Obama teach at Chicago University? Law
Gordon Brown held which high office at Edinburgh from 1973 to 1976? Rector
Which 1886 event supposedly brought out the first 'ticker tape parade'? Dedication of the Statue of Liberty
Who founded London Films, and was an uncredited producer on The Third Man; an award for 'Outstanding British Film Of The Year' is given in his name at the BAFTAS? Alexander Korda
A recommendation made at Hampton Court in 1604 by Dr Reynolds, President of Corpus Christi, Oxford, later resulted in what being produced? King James Bible
From a French term signifying ground or pounded gold, which technique of applying finely ground, high-carat gold–mercury amalgam to an object of bronze, shares its name with the objects produced in this manner? Ormolu
Who was the world's first woman Prime Minister? Mrs Bandaranaike
What is the holiset book of Sikhism? Guru Granth Sahib (an earlier version is called the Adi Granth)
Charles Dawson is believed to have been responsible for which notorious hoax? Piltdown Man
The Lighthouse (Pharos) of Alexandria was built during the reign of which of Egypt's rulers? Ptolemy II (Philadelphus)
Who is credited with designing the The Lighthouse (Pharos) of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of The World? Sostratos
Who said "Let is never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."? JFK in his inaugural address
The motto of who or what is "Honi soit qui mal y pense"? Order of The Garter
What is the "Witch of Wookey Hole"? A stalagmite
Both Pierre and Justin Trudeau belonged to which Canadian political party? Liberals
In which current county is Stilton? Cambridgeshire (it was formerly part of Huntingdonshire)
What is the maximum number of players allowed in a bandy team? Eleven
In Greek myth Pygmalion fell in love with his own statue of who? Aphrodite
Opened in 1637, in which city was the first public opera house? Venice (Teatro San Cassiano)
How many Rossini operas have the same overture? Three
Leporello is a character in which Mozart opera? Don Giovanni
In the 2008/09 to 2012/13 five-season period, Operabase found which opera was the most performed worldwide? La Traviata
How many Walkures were there in Wagner's Ring Cycle? Nine (the original eight plus Brunnhilde)
Pollux is the brightest star in which constellation? Gemini
Deneb is the brightest star in which constellation? Cygnus
What are the foodstuffs "Fortune", "Unrivalled" and "Tom Thumb" all varieties of? Lettuce
What are "Kaiser", "Anjou" and "Winter Nelis" examples of? Pears
Which chemical element is named for Paris? Lutetium
Which two chemical elements are named after France? Francium, Gallium
What does the Greek word 'atomos' mean? Indivisible
Which UK physicist bombarded a gold sheet with alpha particles in a famous experiment? Ernest Rutherford
Which principle states that it is impossible for two electrons that share the same values for a given set of parameters? Pauli's exclusion principle
What is the name given to the predictable zones electrons occupy? Orbitals
What are particles with a whole number of spin called? Bosons
What is the collective name for ravens? Unkindness
What is the collective name for falcons? Cast
Which element is used in heart pacemakers to provide the timing? Polonium
Which chemical element is used to provide the spark in matches? Phosphorus
Which chemical element was named for the moon? Selenium
Which element traditionally is used in making red fireworks? Strontium
Which element traditionally is used in making yellow fireworks? Sodium
What is the proposed name for the Tamil state in Northern Sri Lanka? Tamil Eelam
Which principle is enshrined in Article 2 (Point 1) of the UN Charter? Sovereign Equality
Which Dutch jurist (1583-1645) is regarded as a pioneer in the field of international law in the West? Hugo Grotius
Which Italian lawyer and jurist (1552-1608) is regarded as a pioneer in the field of international law in the West? Alberico Gentili
What name was given to territory set aside for black inhabitants of South Africa and South West Africa (now Namibia), as part of the policy of apartheid? Bantustan
Which 1929 treaty established the Vatican City as an independent state? Lateran Treaty
In which year was North Cyprus invaded by Turkey? 1974
What is the Latin term for the conviction that customary international laws are legally binding? Opinio Juris
What name, Old French for "song of heroic deeds", is given to epic poems that appear at the dawn of French literature? Chansons De Geste
The Chansons de Roland features which 778 battle, where Charlemagne's forces were ambushed by Basques? Battle of Ronceaux Pass/Roncesvalles
Which author of 'romans de Breton', including "Parsifal", died in 1190? Chretien de Troyes
Which author of the Grand & Petit Testaments (1431- some time after 1463) was also a convicted murderer? Francois Villon
Which French, medically-qualified former monk (c1494-1552) is most famous for two characters he created to appear in contemporary 'chapbooks'? Rabelais
Which French love poet (11 September 1524 – 27 December 1585) was known by his contemporaries as 'the prince of poets'? Pierre de Ronsard
Which French monarch, who died in a tournament, succeeded Francois I? Henri II
Which infamous event of the night of 23-24 August 1572 saw protestants massacred in France? St Bartholomew's Day Massacre
Give a year in the French wars of religion. 1562-98
Give a year in the life of essayist Montaigne. 1534-92
Which French monarch succeeded Henri III and brought stability to the nation? Henri IV of Navarre
Which 1598 Edict ended the French Wars of Religion and brought a degree of tolerance to Protestantism? Edict of Nantes
Which two unpopular cardinals were close political advisors of Louis XIII? Richelieu and Mazarin
What is the Hungarian name for Transylvania? Erdely
What is the name of the Transylvania based ethnic group to whom the fictional Dracula apparently belongs? Szekely
Mount Omu is the highest point of which European range? Bucegi
Which river runs between the Romanian towns of Sinaia and Predeal? Prahova
Why did Princess Margaret not marry Peter Townshend? He was a divorcee
What was the name of the nanny allegedly killed by Lord Lucan? Sandra Rivett
Which Dutch politician was the founder and leader of the 'PVV', People For Freedom, party? Geert Wilders
Which Jordanian cleric, under worldwide embargo by the United Nations Security Council Committee 1267 for his alleged affiliation with Al-Qaeda, was deported by the UK to his home country in 2012? Abu Qatada
In which building did Queen Anne die in 1702? Kensington Palace
Which Act of parliament abolished 'rotten boroughs'? Reform Act 1832
In which year did both chambers of the Houses of Parliament burn down? 1834
Who was PM when Queen Victoria came to the throne? Melbourne
Who chaired the Brixton Riots enquiry? Scarman
Who commanded HMS Beagle on Darwin's voyage? Fitzroy
Give a year in the life of Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881
Where did the House of Commons sit from 1547 to 1834? St Stephen's Cathedral
Who was incorrectly executed for murders committed by John Christie? Timothy Evans
Which English monarch's last words were reportedly "the church, the church"? William IV
Who was Queen Victoria's father? Edward, Duke of York
Which British PM had an affair with Caroline Norton? Melbourne
What was nicknamed the "Year of Revolutions"? 1848
Who was UK PM at the time of Queen Victoria's death? Salisbury
What was William Gladstone's middle name? Ewart
Who led the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers, six eventually becoming the Tolpuddle Martyrs? George Loveless
What was the given name of the UK PM, the Marquis of Salisbury? Robert Cecil
What name did the Romans give the first day of the month? Calens
In which year did the London congestion charge start? 2003
From 2006 to at least 2016, what has been on the Conservative Party logo? Tree
What was the first name of British PM, Earl Grey? Charles
Who was the founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil? Pedro I
Built by Ceaucescu, which Romanian road did Top Gear declare the best in Europe? Transfagarasian Highway
In which opera does the titular hero solve three riddles? Turandot
In 'Waltzing Matilda', the swagman camps under the shade of what? A coolabar tree
What was the original name of 'The Detroit Spinners'? The Motown Spinners
What was the only single from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album to reach No. 1 in the UK? Billie Jean
Who was the only US artist to have a 1980s million-selling single in the UK? Stevie Wonder
Who released the album "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Loved You)"? Aretha Franklin
Which man concocted Coca-Cola in his backyard in 1886? John Pemberton
Which saint is often depicted in art with a lion at his feet, in reference to the popular hagiographical belief that he had tamed a lion in the wilderness by healing its paw? St Jerome
Radiohead took their name from a song by which other band? Talking Heads
What was the first rap song to reach No. 1 in the UK? Gangsta's Paradise
Profiteroles and eclairs are traditionally made using which pastry? Choux
Who wrote UB40's "Red Red Wine"? Neil Diamond
Who co-wrote Ronan Keating's "If Tomorrow Never Comes"? Garth Brooks
What is the name of the Japanese alcoholic drink made from rice? Sake
In the lyrics to "It's A Long Way To Tipperary", a farewell is sung to which square? Leicester
Anton Bruckner lived exclusively during which century? Nineteenth
Who had a 1977 UK hit with "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue? Crystal Gayle
Which song was the UK number 1 on the date of Mrs Thatcher's election? Bright Eyes by Simon & Garfunkel (4/5/1979)
The highest and lowest guitar strings are tuned to which note? E
How is the chemical compound C2H4 better known? Ethylene
What is the SI unit of electrical conductance? Siemens
What is the SI unit of illumination? Lux
What name is given to a '1' followed by one hundred noughts? Googol
Give a year in the life of Thomas Hobbes. 1588-1679
In which year did the Turks sack Constantinople, and make the city Muslim? 1453
Who wrote 1936's "The Great Chain Of Being"? Arthur Lovejoy
Who wrote 1762's "Emile, or A Education"? Rousseau
In which work did Copernicus assert that the Earth revolved around the Sun? De Revolutionibus Orbium
What is the German word for the anachronistic use of modern concepts in describing historical processes? Verzeitlichung
Which ruined city in Telangana, India, has become a synonym for a 'wine of wealth'? Golconda
An 1994 agreement named for which city paved the way for the foundation of the World Trade Organisation? Marrakesh
In which year did the WTO come into effect? (1st January) 1995
What was the level of the UK minimum wage when it was introduced for over-22s in 1999? £3.60
Who are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council? US, Russia, China, UK, France
The book known as "Satow's" concerns itself with what? Diplomatic Practice
From the Latin for 'twisting' or 'wringing', which phrase used in international law is an act perpetrated by one nation upon another in retaliation or reprisal for a similar act perpetrated by the other nation? Retorsion
Which country acted as the mediator in post-1979 US-Iran disputes? Algeria
What is the site of the International Court of Justice? Peace Palace, The Hague
What is ITLOS in international law? International Tribunal for the Law of The Sea
Which city was once named Augusta Antonina? Istanbul
Who led the first overland US expedition to the Pacific coast? Lewis and Clark
Who was the first black woman to sit on the UK cabinet? Baroness Amos
Who was the UK Foreign Secretary from 1997 to 2001? Robin Cook
Born on 2nd April in one of 742, 747 or 748CE, who was the famous son of Pepin the Short? Charlemagne
Who was the consort of William I? Matilda (of Flanders)
Who was the consort of William II? He remained unmarried (and may have been gay)
Who were the two consorts of Henry I? Matilda, Adeliza
Who reputedly fired the arrow that killed William II? William Tirel
Which significant enemy did Henry I capture at the Battle of Tinchebrai? His brother Robert
Who did Henry I nominate as his heir? Matilda (his daughter, also called Maude)
What relation was King Stephen to Henry I? Nephew (his sister's son)
In which year did the never-crowned Matilda briefly 'reign' over England? 1141
Matilda defeated King Stephen in which Battle of 2 February 1141 - she thus succeeded in briefly deposing him? Battle of Lincoln
Give a year in the reign of King Stephen. 1135-54
Which son and heir of King Stephen died in 1153, a year before Stephen himself did? Eustace
Who was the first Plantagenet monarch? Henry II
What name was given to the civil war that saw King Stephen and Matilda battle for the throne of England? The Anarchy
Used as the flag of Mercia, what name is given to a yellow saltire on a blue background? St Alban's Cross
To which US President was Richard Nixon vice-president? Eisenhower
Which infamous criminals spent some nights at Leatherslade Farm in 1963? Great Train Robbers
Edward Seymour, the Duke of Somerset, was the Lord Protector of England when who was on the throne? Edward VI
Who assassinated Robert Kennedy? Sirhan Sirhan
Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, was one of the Lord Protectors during the early reign of which English monarch? Henry VI
A 1973 coup deposed which President of Chile? Salvador Allende
Who preceded Bertie Ahern as Irish Taoiseach? John Bruton
Who preceded Ariel Sharon as Israeli PM? Ehud Barak
What is the literal translation of the term Taoiseach? Chief
In which year was Charles and Diana's divorce finalised? 1996
In which year was Nelson Mandela made South African President? 1994
What was the name of the media company owned by Kerry Packer? Consolidated Press
Which man was murdered along with OJ Simpson's wife Nicole? Ronald Goldman
What name did the Germans give to the Battle of Jutland? Skaggerak
Who was stripped of his knighthood in November 1979? Anthony Blunt
In which state was the 3 Mile Radiation leak? Pennsylvania
Which Englishman became Viscount St Albans in 1621? Francis Bacon
Which number RAF squadron were 'The Dambusters'? 617
In 1815 on which ship did Napoleon surrender after Waterloo? Bellorophon
Who was the last British PM to die in office? Lord Palmerston
Which two US presidents died on July 4th 1826? Adams, Jefferson
Which Jewish warrior led a revolt against the Seleucid Empire from 167-160BCE? Judas Maccabeus
Which two native American tribes won the Battle of Little Bighorn? Sioux, Cheyenne
Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the managing director of what from 2007 to 2011? IMF
Which ancient empire had leaders called tlatoanis? Aztecs
Who was the Ancient Greek Muse of Tragedy? Melpemone
Which Florence and the Machine album was their debut, released in 2009? Lungs
What was Lady Gaga's debut album called? The Fame
Who composed the song cycle 'Winterreise'? Schubert
What is the name of the restaurant, opened in 1995, in Bray, Berkshire, by Heston Blumenthal? The Fat Duck
Who was the first wife of Jacob in the Bible? Leah
Which fruit sauce is traditionally served with mackerel? Gooseberry
Which act scored 'nil points' for the UK in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest? Jemini
Which boyband sang about a girl 'with 5 colours in her hair'? McFly
Who was Peter Kay's Northern Irish, talent-show spoofing alter ego? Geraldine McQueen
In which decade did John Cage compose '4"33'? 1950s (1952)
What was the nationality of Kurt Weill, composer of 'The Threepenny Opera'? USA
Who was the life partner and usual tenor of Benjamin Britten? Peter Pears
Which composer wrote "Also Spake Zarathustra"? Richard Strauss
How is Schubert's "Ellens dritter Gesang" better known? Ave Maria
Who composed "Ave Verum Corpus" in 1791? Mozart
The addition of which component turns bronze into gunmetal? Tin
What is the US name for gunmetal? Red Brass
Pewter and solder are both alloys of which two elements? Tin, lead
What is the second highest rank in the Navy? Admiral
In which year did the Boeing 747 enter regular service? 1970
Which colourless, poisonous gas, used as a chemical weapon in WW2, acting as a vesicant (blister agent) and lung irritant, supposedly smells like geraniums? Lewisite
What is 'banana oil' a slang term for in the USA? Flattery
A mushroom develops from a nodule, or pinhead, less than two millimeters in diameter, called by what name? Primordium
The insecticide pyrethrum was made from the dried heads of which flower? Chrysanthemum
What was patented by Henry Cecil Booth in 1901? A Vacuum Cleaner
Owen Finlay MacLaren patented what device in the late 1960s? Bagy Buggy
What name is given to a female horse over the age of five? Mare
What were Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251, that collided in early 2009? Satellites of earth
What is the collective name for oxbirds? A fling
What is the collective name for swallows? A gulp
What order does the animal family geomydae (pocket gophers) belong to? Rodentia/rodents
What type of animal is a 'red flyer'? A kangaroo
HNO2 is the chemical formula for which substance? Nitrous acid (note nitric acid is HNO3)
What is the smallest of the birds resident in the UK? Goldcrest
Which planet in the Solar System has the lowest mean density? Saturn
In Gounod's opera "Faust", which woman does Faust pursue? Marguerite
In Beethoven's opera, the character "Fidelio" is really which other character in disguise? Leonara
Which female character falls in love with Wagner's titular "Flying Dutchman"? Senta
Which author, part of the Bloomsbury Group, wrote "Elizabeth and Essex", upon which Britten based "Gloriana"? Lytton Strachey
In music, which term means "smoothly connected"? Legato
In music, which term means "getting slower"? Rallentando
What, in degrees, is the interior angle of a pentagon? 108
To the nearest whole number, what is absolute zero in Fahrenheit? -460
Which musical work, by George Antheil, famously features car horns? Ballet Mechanique
Which famous work by Beethoven was originally dedicated to Napoleon? Eroica
For which film did Lee Marvin win a Best Actor Oscar? Cat Ballou (1966)
For which two films did Sean Penn win a Best Actor Oscar? Mystic River (2004) Milk (2009)
For which film did Peter Finch win a Best Actor Oscar? Network (1977)
For which film did Paul Muni win a Best Actor Oscar? The Story of Louis Pasteur (1937)
For which film did James Cagney win a Best Actor Oscar? Yankee Doodle Dandy (1943)
Which comedian played a gangster in 1960 film "Never Let Go"? Peter Sellers
Which English character actor, writer and wrestler (1934-97)once voiced the 'Tetley tea folk'? Brian Glover
Which actress married both Humphrey Bogart and Jason Robards? Lauren Bacall
Released in 1956, what was Elvis Presley's first feature film? Love Me Tender
Judy Carne and Loni Anderson were both once married to which man? Burt Reynolds
The 2000 film "Pandemonium" was based on whose life? Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Who did Neil Hamilton play in the iconic 1960's Batman TV series? Commissioner Gordon
Vernon Scripps, PC Mike Bradley, PC Nick Rowan and Doctor Kate Rowan were all characters in which UK TV series? Heartbeat
Which role was played by David Essex in the original stage version of 'Evita'? Che Guevara
Who voiced the cowboy 'Woody' in the "Toy Story" movies? Tom Hanks
Which 1950s and 1960s TV pop show was produced and introduced by Jack Good, and was the first teenage all-music show on British TV? Oh Boy!
Who played the title role in the original UK TV series of "Dr Finlay's Casebook"? Bill Simpson
"Dr Finlay's Casebook" was based on whose novella? AJ Cronin
Which music hall comedian was nicknamed "The Cheepy Chappie"? Max Miller
Wideawake Airfield is in which group of islands? South Georgia
Which English television and radio presenter married Derek Draper in 2005? Kate Garraway
Which country is represented by 'RP' on a car registration plate? Philippines
Which country is represented by 'RC' on a car registration plate? China
What is the capital of Kosovo? Pristina
Which is the highest waterfall in Africa? Tugela (South Africa)
What is the currency of Libya? Dinar
Which is the second largest city in Libya? Benghazi
Which country once used the 'austral' currency? Argentina
Which country once used the 'inti' currency? Peru
The 'Bridge of Sighs' in Oxford is part of which college? Hertford College
In which cathedral is the Mappa Mundi, dating from ca. 1285, the largest medieval map still known to exist? Hereford
Which US state was once named North Virginia? New Hampshire
Which country was once called "The Vice-Royalty of New Spain"? Mexico
In which UK city is Armley Jail? Leeds
Which English national park became operational in 2011? South Downs
Which Welsh county is an amalgam of Breconshire, Radnorshire, Montgomeryshire and Denbighshire? Powys
Which Irish city is nicknamed the 'City Of The Tribes'? Galway
The Met Office became a part of which UK government department in 2011? Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
St Kitts is actually named after which Saint? St Christopher
What colour of beret is worn by a UN peacekeeper? Blue
Sealyhams and Lakelands are both which type of dog breed? Terriers
Which bird has scientific name 'hirunda rustica'? Swallow
Where in the body would you find the 'inferior concha'? Nose
Chromium takes its name from the Greek for what? Colour
The genus 'ulmus' represents which tree species? Elm
Which car manufacturer made the 'Blenheim' model? Bristol
In slang, how many 'ponies' make a 'monkey'? 20 (a pony is £25 and a monkey £500)
What type of creature is a 'Turkish Van'? A cat
Which plant of the gourd family has the scientific name 'cucurbita maxima'? Pumpkin
What type of flower is a 'jonquil'? Narcissus
Gravity Arch, Buttress and Embankment are all types of what? Dam
What is a 'Patagonian Cavy'? Guinea Pig
What sort of animal is a 'moke'? A donkey or a worn-out horse
A gardener who is working with scions and stocks is doing what? Grafting
Sitophobia is the morbid fear of what? Food
What does the term 'addorsed' signify in heraldry? Back-to-back
A 'hastate' object resembles what in shape? A spear
What dog can be 'standard' , 'miniature' or 'toy'? Poodle
What was the first name of the German engineer and early car pioneer Daimler? Gottlieb
What term refers to various phenomena which occur when a wave encounters an obstacle or a slit? Diffraction
Which German social theorist wrote "The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Capitalism"? Max Weber
Which US architect was murdered in 1906 by a jealous husband? Stanford White
'Plutos' or 'Wealth' was a play written by which Ancient Greek? Aristophanes
Which French playwright wrote "Phedre"? Racine
Which magazine listed "20 Young British Novelists of promise" in 1983, 1993, 2003 and 2013? Granta
What was the first play written by Harold Pinter? The Room
Name either of David Copperfield's wives? Dora Spendlow or Agnes Wickfield
Who created "Andy Capp"? Reg Smythe
Who famously described Oxford as "a sweet city with dreaming spires"? Matthew Arnold
Who wrote the plays "Tamburlaine Part 1" and "Tamburlaine Part 2"? Christopher Marlowe
How is the Central Asian Emperor known historically as Tamburlaine now generally known? Timur
Give a year in the life of Racine. 1639-99
What is the surname of 'Lucky Jim' in Amis's novel? Dixon
What is the name of 'The Mayor Of Casterbridge' in Hardy's novel? Michael Henchard
Who wrote the play "Saint Joan" in 1924? GB Shaw
Which fictional character's mother is 'Agnes Fleming'? Oliver Twist
Who wrote the quasi-historical "The Twelve Caesars"? Suetonius
Which typeface was created in Haas, Switzerland by Max Miedinger in 1957? Helvetica
Which 1992 Booker prize winner also wrote "Anil's Ghost"? Ondaatje
What is the name of the python in "The Jungle Book"? Kaa
In 1911, which artist was questioned about the theft of the Mona Lisa? Picasso
Who stole the Mona Lisa in 1911? Peruggia
What is the first name of the narrator of 'Love In A Cold Climate'? Fanny
What is the homeground of rugby team Newcastle Falcons? Kingston Park
What is the home ground of both the Salford rugby league and rugby union teams as of 2015? AJ Bell Stadium
Which is the home ground of Northampton Saints? Franklins Gardens
Which is the home ground of Worcester Warriors Rugby Union team? Sixways Stadium
What is the national stadium of Italy's rugby union team? Stadio Flaminio
Which tennis player's only grand slam victory was the 2009 US open? Juan Martin Del Potro
Which female tennis player won four Grand Slam singles titles: three at the US Open, in 2005, 2009, and 2010 and one at the Australian Open in 2011? Kim Clijsters
In 2009 Kim Clijsters became the first mum to win a grand slam title since who in 1980? Yvonne Goolagong-Cawley
Which South Sudan born UK national was an All Star NBA player in 2012 and 2013 when playing with the Chicago Bulls? Luol Deng
Which Australian cricketer, at the time of his retirement from international cricket in 1984 had become the then world record holder for most Test wickets (355)? Dennis Lillee
Which county cricket team play at Edgbaston? Warwickshire
Which county cricket team play at The Oval? Surrey
In which town do the Somerset county cricket team play? Taunton
What is the home ground of Leicestershire County Cricket Club? Grace Road, Leicester
What is the home ground of Kent County Cricket Club? St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury
Which county cricket team play at The Rose Bowl? Hampshire
Which crumbly mint sweet is associated with the town of Berwick? Berwick cockles
Which philosophy invites one to live in harmony with the principles of 'yin and yang'? Taoism
To whom is the authorship of the Biblical book of Lamentations traditionally ascribed? Jeremiah
Which Buddhist term, meaning 'endless wandering' refers to the cycle of rebirth? Samsara
The Biblical books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are traditionally ascribed to which ruler? Solomon
Sky Masterson is a character in which musical? Guys & Dolls
Which curry is named after a Portuguese marinade of wine and garlic? Vindaloo
Which English jazz clarinettist played with his 'Paramount Jazz Band'? Acker Bilk
Sally Carr was the lead vocalist with which 1970s pop group? Middle Of The Road
In which year did the Rev Chad Varah found The Samaritans? 1953
Who was the lead female singer with the 1960s group 'The Seekers'? Judith Durham
Which musical instrument has a foot, a neck, a shoulder and a crown? A harp
What was the forename of the composer Chopin? Frederic
What is cake icing called in the USA? Frosting
The current Dalai Lama, as of 2015, is which number in the line? (eg. First, second etc) Fourteenth
Which Japanese Buddhist (1222-82) taught devotion to the Lotus Sutra, which claims to contain Gautama Buddha's teachings towards the end of his life, as the exclusive means to attain enlightenment? Nichiren
Which band's original line-up consisted of the sisters Fayette and Shirley Porter, and Linda Turner? The Three Degrees
Who wrote the song "Putting On The Ritz"? Irving Berlin
Who invented the saxophone? Adolphe Sax
A 'courting cake' traditionally contains which type of fruit? Strawberries
What is the antilepton of an electron? Positron
Who gave quarks their name? Murray Gell-Mann
What is the value of charge possessed by quarks? 1/3 or 2/3
What is a synchrotron a particular type of? Particle accelerator
What is the name given to copper rust? Verdigris
Which bird has the most upturned bill? Avocet
What does 'isotope' mean in Greek? Equal Place
What is the chemical formula of methane? CH4
To which continent does the Arctic Tern migrate? Antarctic
In construction, what is OPC? Ordinary Portland Cement
Hadrons are composed of what entities, held together by the strong force? Quarks
Traditionally, Victoria Crosses were made of gunmetal that was captured where? Siege of Sevastapol
Which sign is used to represent arc minutes of a degree? Prime Sign (')
What is the maximum value of longitude? 180
Into what are arc minutes, a measurement of angle, further divided? Seconds of arc
How many arc minutes make a degree? Sixty
What is the opposite of a zenith? Nadir
Which of the latitude or longitude of stars remains constant relative to Earth? Latitude
In astronomy, for what does Az/El stand for? Azimuth/elevation
2000 species, almost half of all mammals, belong to which order? Rodentia
Which grouping of animals comes between 'family' and 'class'? Order
Which grouping of animals comes between 'species' and 'family'? Genus
Which group of animals that includes mammals and every animal more closely related to mammals than to other living amniotes? They include the reptiles from which mammals descended. Synapsids
What was Beatrice Webb's maiden name? Potter
What was founded on 4 January 1884 in London as an offshoot of a society founded a year earlier called The Fellowship of the New Life? Fabian Society
In which year was the Old-Age Pension Act passed in the UK? 1908 (first pensions paid 1909)
In which year was the National Insurance Act passed in the UK? 1911
Who, an English economic historian, social critic, ethical socialist, Christian socialist, and an important proponent of adult education, wrote 'Religion and the Rise of Capitalism' (1926), 'The Acquisitive Society' (1920) and 'Equality' (1931)? RH Tawney
Which linguistics term refers to is a word that occurs only once within a context, either in the written record of an entire language, in the works of an author, or in a single text? Hapax legomenon
What are 'Bedford Winter Harvest' and 'Peer Gynt'? Brussels Sprouts
What are the two types of hadron? Baryons and mesons
Which isotope is used in carbon-dating? Carbon-14
Which gender of canary sings? Male
Which order of bird includes chicken? Galliformes
What name is given to a castrated male chicken? Capon
In which century did the dodo become extinct? Seventeenth (1681)
The number of what sub-atomic particle is always the same in a chemical element? Protons
Which gender of ducks quack? Female
What is the national air carrier of Israel? El Al
Which country has the air carrier Garuda? Indonesia
What makes up an element's mass number? Protons & Neutrons
What is atomic mass number measured in? Atomic mass units (AMUs)
What was the national air carrier of East Germany? Interflug
What was the name of Howard Hughes' aircraft with a record wingspan - the aircraft made only one brief flight on November 2, 1947, and the project never advanced beyond the single example produced? Spruce Goose (Hughes H-4 Hercules)
Which two pilots first flew non-stop across the Atlantic? Alcock and Brown
The first non-stop flight across the Atlantic was made in which aircraft? Vickers Vimy
The first non-stop flight across the Atlantic was made in which year? 1919
Whose first hit was 1976's "Love and Affection"? Joan Armatrading
Who has drummed for both Oasis and The Who? Zak Starkey
Which jazz musician had real forenames John Birks? Dizzy Gillespie
On which date is the feast of St John The Apostle? 27th December
Former Young Musician Of The Year Emma Johnson, who was awarded a MBE for services to music in 1996, plays what instrument? Clarinet
Who made up The Righteous Brothers, with Bobby Hadfield? Bill Medley
In music which note is twice the length of a minim? Semibreve
Which musician (23 January 1910 – 16 May 1953), one of the greatest guitar players ever, had the first name 'Jean', but was known by a nickname? Django Reinhardt
What is the meaning of the Buddhist 'Bhavakara'? Circle/wheel of life
Yo Yo Ma is a virtuoso on which instrument? Cello
Which form of boiled cornmeal, its name derived from Latin for 'fine flour', is used in Swiss and Italian cookery? Polenta
The meat, onion and bacon crescent-shaped buns of leavened dough 'piragi' are which nation's national dish? Latvia
What type of fruit has a variety called "Florida Duncan"? Grapefruit
Pibroch is a musical form chiefly played on which instrument? Bagpipes
Mother and son Hilda and Rob Woodward comprised which musical group? Lieutenant pigeon
Which fictional character from the 1970s American television sitcom All in the Family was based on Alf Garnett? Archie Bunker
Who played Mrs Mopp in ITMA? Dorothy Summers
Who played Douglas Dillmann, the first black President of the USA in the 1972 film "The Man"? James Earl Jones
In which 1991 comedy film was there a remake of the 'Death playing chess' scene from Bergman's 1957 'The Seventh Seal'? Bill & Ted's Bogus Adventure
Who played the characters Danny Fisher, Tulsa McLean and Chad Gates in movies? Elvis Presley
Who directed 1942's "Holiday Inn"? Mark Sandrich
In the Dukes of Hazzard TV show, what make and model of car was the 'General Lee'? Dodge Charger
Who was Blue Peter's first female presenter? Leila Williams
"Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" is a song from which 1958 film musical? Damn Yankees
Who played the title role in Kubrick's 1962 version of 'Lolita'? Sue Lyon
Fred Quilly and Mr Partridge were characters in which 1980s UK sitcom? Hi-de-Hi
Which 2005 biopic was directed James Mangold? Walk the Line
The spacecraft 'Nostromo' appeared in which film? Alien
Most of the action "Reservoir Dogs" is set in which city? LA
Which car had the registration BMT 216A? James Bond's Aston Martin
Who played the male lead in 1965 western film 'Shenandoah'? James Stewart
What nickname is given to often-stormy seas between 40 and 50 degrees latitude? Roaring Forties
What is the first name of Prince Edward's only son? James
What title was given to Prince Edward's only son, born in 2007? Viscount Severn
To the nearest acre, how big is the Vatican City? 110
In which English county is the town of Budleigh Salterton? Devon
What is the three-legged symbol on the flag of the Isle of Man called? Triskellion
In which English county is Ampleforth Abbey? North Yorkshire
In which English county is Muchelney Abbey? Somerset
Which Staffordshire village is famed for its horn dance? Abbots Bromley
Where are the streets called Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate and The Shambles? York
What, in the Midlands, were 'Guinea Gardens'? Allotments
What is the world's largest island is a freshwater lake? Manitoulin Island
Nicknamed the 'Spice Isle' which nation produces 20% of the world's nutmeg? Grenada
Albeit not the capital, what is the largest city in the state of Kansas? Wichita
What is Oklahoma's state capital? Oklahoma City
What is Orgeon's state capital? Salem
What is Pennsylvania's state capital? Harrisburg
What is New Mexico's nickname? Land of Enchantment
What is New York's nickname? Empire State
What is North Carolina's nickname? Tar Heel State
What is North Dakota's nickname? Sioux State/peace garden
What is Ohio's nickname? Buckeye State
Which literary work includes the characters Hiram Grewgious and Thomas Sapsea? The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Which country was Audrey Hepburn born? Belgium
Who listed 23 mathematical problems in 1900, which were highly influential in developing maths' direction in the 20th century? Hilbert
What concept was first mentioned in print in a discussion on breeding rabbits in Liber Abaci? Fibonacci sequence
The song 'Personal Jesus' by Depeche Mode was featured on which album? Violator
Michelin's Bibendum was designed by which cartoonist? O'Galop
Michelin's Bibendum took his name from a word in poetry by which man? Horace
Which island, off the west coast of England, and at the western end of Morecambe Bay, is linked to Barrow-in-Furness by Jubilee Bridge? Walney Island
What is England's third biggest ceremonial country? Cumbria
What is England's second biggest ceremonial county? Lincolnshire
What was the administrative HQ of Cumberland? Appleby
Which poet had the muse Joan Hunter Dunne? Betjeman
Where is the Penguin News published? Falklands
Who wrote "The Science of Logic" (1816)? Hegel
Which writer was expelled from West Point military academy for turning up to inspection naked? Edgar Allan Poe
Who wrote "The Birds of America", published between 1827 and 1838? John James Audubon
What do Brits call the punctuation mark called a "period" in the US? Full stop
In which month did Samuel Pepys begin his famous diary? January
Which art gallery was designed by William Wilkins and built between 1832-38? National Gallery
Who wrote "An Essay On The Principle of Population"? Malthus
Who wrote the 1892 farce "Charley's Aunt"? Brandon Thomas
"You Do Not Do" are the opening four words to which poem by Sylvia Plath? Daddy
Which play by Bertold Brecht, written in 1939, was set in the Thirty Years War? Mother Courage and Her Children
Which impressionist painted the work "Entrée Du Village de Voisins, Yvelines"? Pissarro
Which author, who shares his name with an island, wrote "The Cruel Sea"? Montserrat
Of what historical event did Thomas Carlyle write a detailed account in 1837? French Revolution
Who was nicknamed "The Seagreen Incorruptible" by Thomas Carlyle? Robespierre
The suicide of Robert Seymour meant that he only illustrated the opening few chapters of which work, the first novel by a great writer? The Pickwick Papers
Who wrote "The Tale of Genji"? Lady Murasaki (Murasaki Shikibu)
Which Australian artist (22 April 1917 – 28 November 1992) first made his name with a number of portraits of Ned Kelly? Sydney Nolan
Master Abraham Slender and Peter Simple appear in which Shakespeare play? The Merry Wives of Windsor
Who wrote "Stalky and Co"? Rudyard Kipling
What was the name of the naïve Aussie in London created by Barry Humphries for Private Eye, and drawn by New Zealand artist Nicholas Garland in 1964? Barry McKenzie
Which Ian McEwan novel won the Booker prize in 1998? Amsterdam
Who wrote the WW1 play "Journey's End"? RC Sheriff
Gremio is a character in which Shakespeare play? The Taming Of The Shrew
Whose last words were reputedly: "I've had 18 straight whiskies - I think that's a record"? Dylan Thomas
Who wrote the "Studs Lonigan" trilogy? James T Farrell
What 6-letter word refers to the foundation of an oil painting? Ground
What word refers to a technique in art where paint is laid on an area of the surface very thickly, usually thickly enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible? Impasto
Born in Colle di Val d'Elsa, Tuscany, which artist (c. 1360 – before 1427), remembered mainly for having authored "Il libro dell'arte", a medieval treatise on Renaissance Art? Cennino Cennini
Which American mystery television series that premiered on August 25, 1979 on ABC featured Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers? Hart to Hart
Obtained from the seeds of the flax plant, what is also known as flaxseed oil? Linseed oil
Credited by Vasari as introducing oil painting to Italy, which Sicilian born artist's (1430 – February 1479) work showed strong influences from Early Netherlandish painting? Antonello da Messina
They had a younger brother, Lambert, who also painted, but what were the forenames of the two 14th-15th Dutch painter brothers with the surname Van Eyck? Hubert, Jan
Giving his name to one of Plato's dialogues, which Pre-Socratic philosopher and Sophist said "Man is the measure of all things"? Protagoras
Which Native American chief is best known as a lover of peace and friendship who played a prominent role in developing amicable relations among the Lenape and the English settlers who settled Pennsylvania, led by William Penn? Tamanend
Which influential immigrant to Classical-era Athens was the lover and partner of the statesman Pericles? Aspasia
Which German-British philosopher, an early supporter of evolution and a founding member of the English Eugenics Society,was aligned with the pragmatism of William James and argued vigorously against both logical positivism and absolute idealism? FCS Schiller
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