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Black History Trivia

for Saturday

Where was the first formal protest against slavery? Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1688
What state was there a failed effort to overthrow slavery? Denmark Vesey organized 6000 slaves in SC in a failed effort to overthrow slavery
Number of slaves Harriet Tubman rescued between 1840-1861 through the underground railroad she rescued more than 300 slaves
Who abolished segregation in the military? President Harry S. Truman
Purpose of the "Million Man Mark" on Washington? called on black men to declare responsibility for their family and communities.
What does Kwanzaa mean? First Fruit in Swahilli
Who formed the organization of Afro-Americans Unity? Malcolm X
Tiger Wood's real first name? Eldrick
Name of first African American who served on the Supreme court? Thurgood Marshall
Name of the slave who sued for his freedom and lost in a major Supreme Court case before the Civil War? Dred Scott
Created by: T7y