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Wordly Wise

Lesson #8

contain v. To hold; to have within itself.
container n. A jar., box or other object used for holding something.
digest v. To change food that has been eaten into simpler forms that the body can use.
finicky adj. Hard to please; fussy.
habit n. 1. Something that a person does so often, that it is done without thinking. 2. A special kind of clothing worn by certain groups.
hinge n. A joint on a lid or door that allows it to swing open or shut.
marsh n. A low lying area, often covered with tall glasses
nursery n. 1. A room or other place set aside for the use of babies and small children. 2. A place where plants are grown for sale.
rely v. To count on; to look to for support.
reliable adj. Trustworthy; not likely to fail
spine n. 1. The backbone 2. A thin, sharp, stiff part that sticks out on certain plants and animals.
thrive v. To do well; to grow strong and healthy.
marshy adj. Soft and moist underfoot.
Created by: ella8