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PMP Chapter 3

A set of interrelated activities that brings about a product, result or service. A process
Name the five process groups. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing.
Iterations of planning throughout the project life cycle is known as (BLANK) Rolling wave planning
(BLANK) should be involved in the planning process because they have specific skills and knowledge that the project team can use to develop the project plan. Stakeholders
Stakeholders should participate in which process group to increase the likelihood of shared ownership, delivery acceptance and stakeholder satisfaction. Initiating
The primary purpose of the planning process group is... The development of the Project Management Plan
True or False - The project manager is selected during the planning process group. False - The project manager is selected during the Initiating group.
Project management is... The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.
A successful project depends on four things... 1. Appropriate use of the appropriate processes at the right time. 2. A defined project management approach. 3. A project management plan 4. Conformance with the customer requirements and expectations
(BLANK) is when a project manager choose the processes they deem applicable to a given project Tailoring
In which process group is the project team acquired? Executing
Initial constraints and assumptions are documented in the (BLANK). Project Charter
A project becomes authorized when... the project charter is approved
True or False - The majority of a project's budget is expended in the procurement process group. False - There is no process group labeled "procurement". The majority of project's budget would be expended in the execution process group.
One of the first activities of a project is to document the (BLANK) and (BLANK) in the project charter. Assumptions and Constraints
A (BLANK) brings project work back into alignment with the project plan. corrective action
This process group provides feedback between project phases. Monitoring & Controlling
Which of the 47 processes aims to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance. 8.3 Quality Control
In which Knowledge Area would the closure of a contract take place? Procurement
A preset project deadline is an example of a project (BLANK). Constraint
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