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Luke Chapter 1

To whom was the book of Luke written? 1:3 Theophilus
Had Luke carefully investigated everything from the beginning concerning Jesus’ life? 1:3 Yes
Name John the Baptist’s parents 1:5 Zechariah and Elizabeth
Why could Zechariah and Elizabeth not expect to have children without special help from God? 1:17 They were too old and Elizabeth had not ever been able to have children
When Zechariah saw the angel, what was his reaction? 1:12 Afraid
The angel told Zechariah what John’s work would be. What was it? 1:17 To make ready a people prepared for the Lord
What was the angel’s name that visited Zechariah? 1:19 Gabriel
What happened to Zechariah because he did not believe Gabriel? 1:20 Would not be able to speak until John's birth
How did Elizabeth feel about being childless? 1:25 Disgraced
Gabriel visited someone in Nazareth. Who was it? 1:27 Mary
Gabriel said to Mary, “Greetings, you who are_________. The Lord is with you.” 1:28 highly favored
What did the angel promise Mary concerning Jesus’ kingdom? 1:33 That it would never end
Jesus would be called the _______, 1:35 Son of God
After the angel left, Mary went on a trip. Where did she go? 1:40 To see Elizabeth
When Mary spoke to Elizabeth, how did the little unborn John react? 1:44 He leaped for joy
Since Zechariah couldn’t speak, how did he let his friends know what he wanted the baby to be named? 1:63 He wrote on a tablet "His name is John"
What did Zechariah do when he could speak again? 1:64 Praised God
Zechariah, filled with the Holy Spirit, prophesied of John’s work. What did he say? 1:76 "For you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for Him"
Where did John live before he began to preach publicly to Israel? 1:80 The desert
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