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Herb Summaries

Clear Heat: Drain Fire, Cool Blood, DampHt, ToxicHt, DeficHt

1) Name the 3 herbs that are regarded as the best for clearing heat from Lu. & St at the Qi level. 2)Which is the strongest? 1) Shi Gao, Zhi Mu, Lu Gen 2) Shi Gao
What Drain Fire herb is used primarily for extreme heat in the Lungs & Stomach? Shi Gao
Which Drain Fire herb has a moistening action - is capable of nourishing the yin and moistening dryness? Zhi Mu
Which Drain Fire herb is best at treating heat disorders in which the yin has been injured, esp. when the Lungs have been involved? This herb is sweet and cold. Lu Gen
Drain Fire herb that generates fluids & is relatively more moistening. Used primarily for Stomach yin deficiency. Tian Hua Fen
Name the two blood cooling substances that nourish the yin & generate fluids. They treat patterns of injured yin due to heat & are often combined. Sheng Di Huang & Xuan Shen
Of the cool the blood herbs, this herb is more effective in cases involving the reckless movement of hot blood. Sheng Di Huang
Of the Cool the Blood herbs, this herb is preferred in cases involving heat toxins , such as throat pain and scrofula. Xuan Shen
These three herbs are commonly used herbs for clearing heat, drying damp & resolving fire toxicity. Huang Lian, Huang Bai, Huang Qin
Of the Clear Damp-Heat category, this herb is considered most effective in treating the upper burner. This is also used to calm the fetus. Treats ascendant Liver yang. Huang Qin
Of the Clear Damp-Heat category, this is used to treat the middle burner. Huang Lian
Of the Clear Damp-Heat category, this is used for heat disorders of the lower burner. Huang Bai
Name the 3 Clear Toxic Heat herbs that are important for treating abscesses & other toxic swellings. Jin Yin Hua, Lian Qiao, Pu Gong Ying
1) Name the 2 Clear Toxic Heat herbs that are often used together to clear wind heat from the upper burner. 2) Which is stronger at venting & dispersing? 3) Which is more effective at dispersing heat from constraing & reducing clumps? 1) Jin Yin Hua & Lian Qiao 2) Jin Yin Hua 3) Lian Qiao
Which two Clear Toxic heat herbs are effective for damp-heat jaundice and sore throat? Name which one is also effective for coughing. Ban Lan Gen & Shan Dou Gen. Coughing --> Shan Dou Gen
Clears various types of yin heat, inc from yin & blood xu, summerheat, & heat in the blood leading to bleeding. Also, checks malarial disorders. Qing Hao
Clears deficiency heat. Cools the blood. Clears heat from the ying level in warm heat pathogen diseases. Used when steaming bone disorder with sweating. Also, effective at draining upward flaring fire, inc. from Lungs & Kidneys Di Gu Pi
Clears damp heat herb that is good for Liver fire (eyes) & damp heat in the lower jiao (genitalia disorders) Long Dan Cao
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