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Herb Summaries

Release the Exterior

Which 2 herbs are particularly effective together in dispersing wind cold in the Taiyang stage or Exterior Cold Excess? Ma Huang & Gui Zhi
Relatively strong in its ability to disperse wind-cold. Works more directly by opening and disseminating the Lung qi and acting on the protective level (Wei level) Ma Huang
Relatively strong in its ability to disperse wind cold. Works more by unblocking the yang qi and acting on the nutritive level and muscle layer. Gui Zhi
Relatively strong in its ability to disperse wind cold. Effective at dispersing cold in the shaoyin stage. Used for externally contracted wind cold w/ fever & deep pulse. Warming and piercing, its used for a wide variety of pain due to cold. Xi Xin
Used for wind cold disorders. Used in patterns of exterior excess. Excellent in treating turbidity. Zi Su Ye
Used for wind cold disorders. Disperses wind. Especially effective for superficial problems. Slightly warm, this can be used whether the disorder is hot or cold. Jing Jie
Used for wind cold disorders. Similar actions to Jing Jie, but is better for slightly deeper problems. More useful for aches and pains of cold Fang Feng
These two herbs are used together in treating externally contracted wind because together they expel wind that has penetrated to any depth Fang Feng & Jing Jie
These two herbs both are warm, dry, ascending and dispersing in nature. They both enter the taiyang channel to treat headaches. Name the specific headache each herb treats. Gao Ben (Vertex) & Qiang Huo (Occipital)
Enters the Yangming channel and is used for frontal and occipital headaches as well as toothache and nasal congestion. Warm temp. Bai Zhi
**Releases the exterior, expels wind-damp, alleviates pain. ** Used for treating headaches associated with externally contracted disorders. ** Used for wind damp painful obstruction, esp. of upper body. Qiang Huo
Effective for wind cold disorders, especially those affected by turbidity of the Stomach Sheng Jiang
Effective against summertime colds with injury from dampness. (Sometimes called Summertime Ma Huang) (Warm in temp) Xiang Ru
Has a light, ascending nature & is used exclusively for nasal problems. (Warm in temp.) Xin Yi Hua
Name in order the 5 cool acrid herbs that are sweat inducing agents from strongest to weakest. 1) Bo He 2) Niu Bang Zi 3) Chan Tui 4) Sang Ye 5) Ju Hua
Name three cool acrid herbs that promote the expression of rashes plus two that are paired for this purpose. 1) Bo He 2) Niu Bang Zi 3) Chan Tui 4) Paired: Ge Gen & Sheng Ma
Name the 4 herbs that disperse wind heat and clear liver fire. Bo He; Niu Bang Zi; Sang Ye; Ju Hua
Which two herbs are often combined with Sang Ye? Chan Tui or Ju Hua
Which two cool acrid herbs clear the vision? Which of these removes superficial visual obtruction? Ju Hua & Mu Zei. Mu Zei removes superficial visual obstruction (removing membranes from the conjunctiva)
This cool acrid herb mildly vents & disperses exterior pathogens, whether at a superficial level or lurking more deeply. It also relieves constraint. Dan Dou Chi
1) Which 3 cool acrid herbs release the exterior & raise yang qi? 2)Which of these 3 herbs is most effective at reducing fever? 1) Sheng Ma, Ge Gen, Chai Hu 2)Chai Hu
Which cool acrid herb mainly disperses heat in the yangming channel at muscle layer Ge Gen
Which cool acrid herb is less potent at dispersing heat, but is effective for raising the yang & relieving toxicity, as in cases of St. heat induced toothache? Sheng Ma
Which cool acrid herb is used in treating intermittent chills and fever. Chai Hu
These three warm acrid herbs are more moderate in nature than Ma Huang & Gui Zhi. They are most commonly used for the average externally contracted wind-cold disorder. Which of these three herbs is most potent at dispersing cold? Zi Su Ye, Jing Jie & Fang Feng. Zi Su Ye is the most potent at dispersing cold.
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