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PMP Chapter 2

The collection of phases from the start of a project to its completion. Project Life Cycle
A (BLANK) is needed to determine that a phase has met all of its obligations and begin the next phase. It is also known as the phase exit, phase gate or kill point. Phase End Review
A verifiable, measurable work product Project Deliverable
The (BLANK) is the compilation of all phases within a project. Project Life Cycle
During the early stages of a project both the costs and the demands for resources are (BLANK) low
At which stage of the project is the risk of failure the lowest, but the consequences the highest? During the final stages
List the five organizational structures in order from lowest to highest. Functional, Weak, Balanced, Strong and Projectized
In which organizational structure is the project team likely to work full-time on a project. Projectized
Projects are divided into (BLANK) to make the management and control of the overall project easier and more productive. Phases
The project life cycle defines the work to be done, the deliverables and the resources needed. It never defines the (BLANK). cost
When is the greatest likelihood of a project failing to reach its objective? Projects are more likely to fail at the start.
The process for identifying stakeholders takes place in what process group? The "Initiating Process Group"
True or False - An example of a positive stakeholder, would be a customer who is eager for your project's deliverable? True
Name the 10 "Key Project Stakeholders" Project Manager, Sponsor, User, Functional Managers, PMO, Sellers/Vendors, Project Team, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Operational Managers
As a general rule, at what point in the project is the most cost effective point to make changes to a deliverable, at the beginning, middle or end. Beginning
True or False - The most logical time to kill a project is at the start of a phase. False. The end of phase (or kill point) is key evaluation point in the success or failure of a phase.
The four cultural components of an organization as defined by PMI are... Values & Beliefs, Policies & Procedures, Authority of the PM and Work Hours & Ethics
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