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Poe-Tell Tale Heart

What had the madness done for the narrator's senses sharpened them
What was the reason the narrator killed the old man? his eye
During the week before the narrator killed the old man, how did he act towards him? kind
How long did it take the narrator to place his head into the door so that he could see the old man? hour
For how many nights did the narrator look in upon the old man? 8
Why couldn't the narrator kill the old man on the first night? the eye was closed
What did the narrator do by accident that awakened the old man? his thumb slipped on the lantern
What did the old man cry out when awakened? Who's there?
What was the low, dull, quick sound that the narrator heard? old man's heartbeat
The beating grew louder - what was the new anxiety that seized the narrator at this point? sound being heard by neighbors
How many times did the old man shriek? once
After the old man was dead, what was the first thing the narrrator did to conceal the body? dismembered it
What was the last thing the narrator did to conceal the body? buried it beneath the floor
Why were the police sent to the house? a shriek was heard
What was it that made the narrator confess to the crime? sound of the old man's heartbeat
Who is the narrator of the story? the caretaker of the old man's house
From what point of view is the story told? first
Who is the protagonist? caretaker
Who is the antagonist? old man
What is the setting (location)? old man's home
What is the setting (time)? 8 days
"I saw death looking at me" is an example of what literary device? personification
"Black as ink" is an example of what literary device? simile
"It grew louder, louder, louder" is an example of what literary device? repetition
Created by: msporter