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PMP Chapter 1

A series of activities to create a unique product or service by a specific date is best described as... A project
An ongoing activity that are a part of an organization's day to day duties is known as... An operation
The process of decomposing work into small, manageable tasks is known as... Progressive elaboration
What are the five reasons to undertake a project? Opportunity (or market demand), Organizational Needs, Customer Request, Technology Advancements, Legal Requirements
A collection of projects working together to gain benefits by managing them as a group, rather than individually is known as... A program
Responsible for making tactical decisions for projects within a program is the (BLANK). Program Manager
(BLANK) is the management, selection and assignment of projects that support an organization's business objectives. Project Portfolio Management
The "Iron Triangle" is comprised of... Scope, Time & Cost
Of the 47 process defined by PMBOK a project manager must use the most (BLANK) processes on every project. appropriate
Projects are temporary endeavors to create a unique product, service or result. What element often outlives the project? The project deliverable
True or False - Project's create products, service or results. Would a "call center" be an example of a result of a product? False - A "call center" is service. Creating feasibility would be considered a result.
True or False - Standards are optional. True - Industry standards are considered optional.
True or False - Regulations are optional. False - Regulations must be followed to be in compliance with the law.
An expert project manager needs five areas of expertise. They are... PMBOK Guide, Application Area Knowledge, an understanding of the environment, general management skills, and interpersonal skills.
Three components of a Project Environment are... Cultural/Social, International/Political and Physical
Time Zone Differences are example of what component of a Project Environment? International/Political
Economics, Demographics and Ethics are examples of which component of a Project Environment? Cultural/Social
The six components of interpersonal skills are... Effective communications, influencing the organization, leadership, the ability to motivate, negotiating and managing conflicts, and problem solving.
(BLANK) is a project that is smaller than the original project, but supports a parent project. A subproject
A (BLANK) oversees all projects and supports all project managers in an organization by coordinating communication, mentoring and mediation. PMO or Project Management Office.
(BLANK)is typically managed by Senior Management and covers the entire range of projects in an organization. It considers projects based on need, risk and reward, ROI and any other organizational factor. Project Portfolio Management
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