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WJEC CG1 1.1

Hardware & Communication

Control unit (CU) is used to manage the execution of instructions
Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) is used to process and manipulate data
Address identifies where the data is being sent and retrieved.
Data bus is a wire which carries data between computer components.
Address bus is a wire which carries information of where data is to be sent.
Control bus carries signals from control unit
Bus is used to connect the different parts of a computer together. It is used to carry data or addresses to the different parts of a computer.
Bit is a single digit in a Binary number e.g. 0 or 1.
Byte a group of eight bits e.g. 00011001
Word the group of bits that can be manipulated as a single unit by the CPU. A computer using a larger word size would generally operate faster (usually 16
Register A register is used as a fast access temporary data store used for a specific purpose
ROM (Read Only Memory) is permanent and cannot be deleted or amended. ROM is non-volatile which means that when the computer is turned off the contents of ROM are maintained.
Applications of ROM is used for example to store the bootstrap program that starts the computer.
RAM (Random Access Memory) Data can be added
Ram Cache memory is a part of the main store between the CPU and the rest of the memory. Using cache memory can greatly reduce processing time.
Disc Cache section of memory for holding data temporarily that has been read from disc.
Hard Disk Properties Capacity varies from 20GB to 2TB. Found inside computer. Speed of access: fast/direct.Reasonably cheap.
Handshaking the exchange of signals between devices to establish their readiness to communicate.
Analogue is a continuous varying signal and digital consists of discrete patterns.
Why is Analogue to digital conversion required? will be required because voice is analogue and computers only accept digital input and would therefore need converting to digital.
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