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Final Test


what is one point perspective spatial rendering of a figure whose sides recede toward a single vanishing point
what is vanishing point the point on the horizon at which visually converging parallel lines appear to meet
were renaissance painters the first artists to develop and use linear perspective yes
what is linear perspective a system of representing three dimensional spatial relationships derived from the optical illusion that parallel lines, if extended to the horizon, appear to converge
what is scale the relationship between the size of an image and the size of its surroundings
what is point of view the place where the viewer appears to be in relationship to images depicted in a composition
what is overlapping obscuring of part of an image by another one that seems to lie between it and the viewer
what is atmospheric perspective the use of softer edges, lessened value contrast, and less distinctive detail in areas intended to be interpreted as being farther away from the observer
what is analogous color hues that lie next to each other on a color wheel
what is secondary color hues obtained by mixing two primary colors
what is monochromatic use of a single hue, in varying values
what is a hue the name of a color
what is 3d work having length, width, and depth in space
what is 2d work having length and width
what is a low relief a three dimensional work in which contours barely rise off a flat surface
what is frontal art three dimensional work designed to be seen from one side only
what is applied arts disciplines involving the use of the principles and elements of design to create functional pieces of commercial uses
what is form in two dimensional work, a figure that appears to be three dimensional. in three dimensional art, the area confined by the contours of a piece. the overall organization of a work
what is modeling in 2d work, use of shading on contours to give the illusion of 3d form in three dimensional work, using hands or tools to manipulate a pliable material into a desired form
what is casting the substitution of one material for another by means of a mold
what is ready made an object divorced from its usual function and presented as a word of art
what is subtraction in pigment mixing, descriptive of the progressing darkening of a mixture by the addition to other colors, which removes their energy from the light reflected from a surface.
what is subtraction in 3d work descriptive of creation of a piece by carving away the material
what is addition in light mixtures, descriptive of the progressive lightening of a mixture by the addition of other colors. in three dimensional work, descriptive of creation of a piece by assembling similar or dissimilar materials
what is found objects something extracted from its original context and used in creating a work of art
what is armature a relatively rigid internal support for modeling of more malleable materials
what is kinetic art three dimensional art that moves
what is shape in two dimensional work, a figure that appears to be flat. in three dimensional work, a term sometimes used to refer to the entire area with in the contours of a piece
what is value the degree of lightness or darkness of a surface
what is contrast the degree of difference between lightness and dark areas