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EOC Keyboarding Revi

Business Keyboarding Review items

Home row keys ASDFJKL
 Keyboarding posture/ ergonomics proper keyboarding position for your hands at 90 degree angle or greater
Word art Insert ribbons, Text grouping
Saving documents go to file ribbon and use “Save As” when saving for first time
Copy/paste highlight text, right click to copy, move insertion pint, right click and paste. CNTRL + C< CNTRL + V
Fonts Home Ribbon, font grouping
Page layout Orientation- portrait/ landscape. Portrait is vertical, landscape horizontal
Spell checker Review ribbon, Proofing Grouping
Thesaurus Review ribbon, Proofing Grouping
Grammar check Review Ribbon, Proofing grouping
Undo/redo buttons Located on the quick access toolbar, and its used to undo or redo the most recent activities in your document
Insertion point the point where the next character typed from the keyboard will appear on the screen. Usually represented by a flashing line.
Alignment Home ribbon, paragraph grouping
Short cut keys CTRL + Home- takes you to the top of the document
Clip art insert ribbon, illustrations grouping. Pictures or graphics used to decorate the document
Templates Present document formatted in a specific style. Found in the file ribbon.
New slides home ribbon, slides grouping
Slide transitions transition ribbon
Custom Animations animation ribbon
Inserting pictures insert ribbon, images groping
Inserting sounds insert ribbon, media grouping
Cpu central processing unit. Brains of the computer
Motherboard main circuit board in a computer that connects all other devices
Power supply supplies electricity to the computer
Video card circuit that controls the display screen
Expansion slots a place in a computer where an expansion card can be Inserted
Ram/rom random access memory: temporarily stored in your computer and will not stay when your computer is turned off. Read only memory: permanent memory that will stay on your computer when turned off.
Input device keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner
Output devices printer, headphones, speakers, monitor
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, Created in WW 2, used to help create the Hydrogen bomb,100 feet tall and 10 feet tall used transfer tubes to work
Internet addresses Http- Hypertext Transfer Protocol Don’t need // for address to work
URL Uniform resource locator
ISP Internet Service Provider
Internet domain names .com- commercial .org-non-profit organization .gov-government .edu- education site
Homepage first page on a website
URL Uniform Resource locater
Isp Internet Service Provider, need to connect to the internet
Bookmarks marks and saves your favorite websites
History previous websites you have recently opened
Search engine type “spider” Search engine: crawls through the internet searching for sites (software program), “human powered” search engine: uses people to search through the internet and organize your search results
Performing internet searches Create list of questions or topics Select key words Begin the search
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