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MWD Obj4.1

Sample Questions for MWD WebPage Fund 4.01

3. What document or section information contains introductory content or a set of navigational links for the webpage? header
4. Which of the following is the proper way to code an inline style attribute? color="blue"
5. Between which paired tags would the visible content of a webpage be displayed? <body></body>
6. Which item refers to the start tag, the end tag and everything in between? HTML Element
7. Anthony is creating a webpage on seals. To ensure that his page can be found through Google, Anthony must include pertinent information in which tag section? meta
10. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) plays which role in the web development standards? It develops the standards for HTML and CSS.
11. Which line of code correctly places a gif image named "tiger" into a webpage? <img src="tiger.gif" alt="BengalTiger" />
13. Jerry wants to insert a line break into his webpage. Which code should he use? <br>
15. John wants the name of his book to appear in search results for Google. Where should this information be placed within his webpage? meta
16. Which item interprets the source code in a web document? Web browser
19. Which tag defines the set of navigation links? nav
20. Which is an example of using an inline CSS style in a webpage? <p style="color:blue">
21. Which tag defines the visible content of a web document? <body>
22. Which tag provides information about a web site? <meta>
23. Tiffany's creating a multiple page website and wants consistency in appearance. Which method permits her to update the appearance of all pages by changing one file? CSS External Style Sheet
24. A properly coded HTML tag will always be found between which two symbols? < >
25. John wants to insert a CSS comment identifying himself as the author. Which line of code correctly inserts a CSS comment? /*Written by John Doe*/
26. Karen wants to begin a new line within a paragraph of text on a webpage. Which code should she use? <br>
27. What is the proper code to insert an image named "frog.jpg"? <img src="frog.jpg" width="104" height="142">
28. Which tag will create a line break in a web document? <br>
29. Which line of code correctly creates a link to Amazon's website? <a href="
31. What tag defines the beginning of a webpage? <html>
32. When using a text editor, what file extension(s) must be used when saving as a web document? html or htm
33. Which CSS inline style results in the text size of a webpage paragraph displaying at 14px? <p style="font-size:14px">
35. Which is the correct code to insert a horizontal line in a webpage? <hr>
36. Which item shows proper syntax for an HTML comment? <!--Created by Joe-->
37. Annie wants the name of her product to be the main heading at the top of her webpage. Which tag defines the main heading in a web document? <h1>Product</h1>
39. Sarah wants to create a webpage displaying text in the Arial typeface. Which CSS inline style should she use? <body style="font-family:arial">
41. What is the difference between an HTML Tag and an HTML element? An HTML Tag defines content and an HTML Element includes the opening and closing tags and everything in between.
42. A designer would use which tag to create a web page with sections of specific styles? div
43. What section information contains the author of the document, copyright information, links to the terms of the use, contact information, etc. footer
44. Which hyperlink shows an absolute link? <a href="
Created by: denise.stevens5



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