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MWD Obj3.2

Sample Questions for MWD Animation 3.02

1. Susie is creating an animation project. Which part of the animation program will she use to generate the viewable portion of the animation? Stage
2. Kelly is creating a presentation that will show the progression of a worm moving across the screen towards an apple. She will use playdough figures and film them. Which method of animation will she use? Stop motion
3. Dennis inserted a keyframe with a car on the left of the stage into animation software. He skipped fifteen frames and inserted a keyframe with the car on the right. What process will the software use to fill in the blank slides? Tweening
4. Lester creates a keyframe that displays a cup full of water. Later in the animation, another keyframe displays the cup empty. What animation process creates the frames in between the keyframes? Tweening
5. Stephen has symbols and movie clips that he will be using in several animation projects. Where should he store these files? Library
6. Kimberly is changing the character in her animation from a dog to a cat in frame 175. To support the change in action, she should insert a: Keyframe
7. To create a winter scene for an animation project, Eric wants a snowflake to appear to drift from the top of the screen to the bottom. Which animation method should he use? Path based
8. Carol is showing a presentation at a trade show advertising her company's products. What is the purpose of her presentation? Sell
9. Jay is creating an animation of a basketball bouncing into a basket. Which animation method will animate a basketball going into a basket? Path based
10. In his music video for media class, Joseph has pictures of people that change from one to the next in a smooth manner. Which type of computer animation effect was used? Morphing
11. On Dana's birthday, her family surprised her with an animated slideshow of photos that gradually changed her baby picture into her current picture. What animation process was used? Morphing
12. Walt wants to view the animation while he is working on a project. He drags the playhead back and forth across the timeline. Which feature did he use to preview the animation? Scrubbing
13. Meghan wanted to view an animation while she was working on a project. She moved the playhead back to the beginning frame and then to the enWhich animation feature did she use? Scrubbing
14. Anthony is ready to review his animation. He should analyze his project in order to do all of the following EXCEPT: Ensure streaming is slow during viewing.
15. George is changing the scene from day to night in frame 64 of his animation project. To support the change in action, he should insert a: Keyframe
16. Maria is viewing a webpage when an animated banner promoting a new sofware program appears on the page. What is the purpose of the banner? Advertising
17. Preston is viewing a webpage when an animated banner introducing a new car design appears on the page. What is the purpose of the banner? Advertising
Created by: denise.stevens5