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Damp Formulas 2

Formulas for Damp 2- Leach Out, Warm &Transform, Expel Wind-Damp

Wu ling san (Five-ingredient Powder with Poria) - ingredients Ze xie(C), Fu ling, Zhu ling, Bai zhu, Gui zhi
Wu ling san - Indication 1.TaiYang Xu Shui(W-C invasion w/ damp in BL), 2.Water Damp retention w/edema and urinary difficulty, 3.TanYin(phlegm fluids)
Si Ling San (4 ingredient powder w/ poria) - ingredients Ze xie, Fu ling, Zhu ling, Bai zhu (Wu Ling San minus Guizhi)
Si Ling San – Indication SP/ST Xu with Damp-retention, urinary difficulty & loose stools (Wu Ling San minus Guizhi)
Yin Chen Wu Ling San - ingredients Ze xie, Fu ling, Zhu ling, Bai zhu, Gui zhi (Wu Ling San) + Yin Chen Hao
Yin Chen Wu Ling San – Indication Jaundice d/t Damp-Heat with urinary difficulty(unilike Yin Chen Hao Tang, damp more predominant than heat)
Wei Ling Tang(Calm the ST and Poria Decoction) - ingredients Wu Ling San + Ping Wei San( Cang Zhu(C), Hou Po, Chen Pi, Zhi Gan Cao)
Wei Ling Tang - Indication Sp/ST cold and water damp retention – diarrhea, edema, urinary difficulty
Zhu ling tang (Polyporus Decoction) - ingredients Zhu ling(C), Ze xie, Fu ling, Hua shi, E jiao
Zhu ling tang – Indication Water and heat clumping in Yang Ming and Shaoyin. Promotes Urination w/o damaging Yin. Balances drying damp with tonifying Yin.
Fang ji huang qi tang (Stephania and Astragalus Decoction) - ingredients Han fang ji(C), Huang qi(C), Bai zhu, Zhi gan cao
Fang ji huang qi tang – Indication Wind damp or Wind water(Feng Shui) due to Wei Qi deficiency. Common for weight loss.
Wu pi san (Five-peel Powder) - ingredients Fu ling pi(C), Da fu pi, Chen pi, Sang bai pi, Sheng jiang Pi
Wu pi san – Indication Pi Shui(skin edema)due to SP xu. This formula regs Qi and strengthens SP, doesn’t promote urination much.
Ling gui zhu gan tang (Poria, Cinnamon twig, Atractylodes microcephala, and Licorice Decoction) - ingredients Fu ling(C), Gui zhi, Bai zhu, Zhi gan cao
Ling gui zhu gan tang – Indication TanYin due to Middle Jiao Yang Xu. Treats phlegm damp in the Middle Jiao. Symptoms include fullness in chest and hypochondria.
Zhen wu tang (True Warrior Decoction) - ingredients Fu zi(C), Bai zhu, Fu ling, Sheng jiang, Bai shao
Zhen wu tang – Indication Sp/KD Yang Xu causing water fluid retention. This formula uses Fuzi to tonify KD yang and reduce pathogenic Yin.
Shi pi san (Bolster the Spleen Powder) - ingredients Gan jiang(C), Fu zi(C); Bai zhu, Fu ling, Mu gua, Cao guo, Hou po, Mu xiang, Da fu _pi, Zhi gan cao
Shi pi san – Indication Yin edema due to Sp/KD Yang Xu. This formula is stronger than Zhen Wu Tang to warm Yang, Strengthen SP, Reg Qi and Promote urination. The focus is on regulating and tonifying SP Qi. This formula contains Si Ni Tang.
Bei xie fen qing yin (Dioscorea hypoglauca Decoction to Separate the Clear) - ingredients Bei xie(C), Yi zhi ren, Wu yao, Shi chang pu
Bei xie fen qing yin – Indication For Cloudy Lin syndrome due to deficient cold in Lower Jiao.(Urinary discomfort is a dragging down sensation more than pain). Take with salt to guide to KD.
What does Cheng Shi Bei xie fen qing yin treat? (Dr. Cheng’s modified formula) Tx: Gao Lin (Cloudy Lin) is due to Damp-Heat in Lower Jiao. (Original formula is for Gao Lin due to deficient cold.)
Qiang huo sheng shi tang (Notopterygium Decoction to Overcome Dampness) - ingredients Qiang huo(C), Du huo(C); Fang feng, Gao ben, Chuan xiong, Man jing zi, Zhi gan cao
Qiang huo sheng shi tang – Indication Wnd-Damp cold Bi in exterior/skin and muscle level.Also treats W-D-C headache. This formula is not for deficiency.
Juan bi tang (Remove Painful Obstruction Decoction) - ingredients Qiang huo(C), Fang feng(C); Huang qi, Dang gui, Bai shao, Jiang huang, Zhi gan cao
Juan bi tang – Indication Wind-Damp-Cold Bi due to Ying and Wei deficiency. Basic formula for Bi Syndrome.
Du huo ji sheng tang - ingredients Du huo(C), Xi xin, Fang feng, Qin jiao, Rou gui, Sang ji sheng, Niu xi, Du zhong, Dang gui, Chuan xiong, Sheng di, Bai shao, Ren shen, Fu ling, Gan cao
Du huo ji sheng tang – Indication Chronic Bi syndrome due to LR/KD Xu with Qi and Blood Xu. (This formula is much more tonifying than Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang.)
Created by: rmr