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What kind of hook should you use when you are sawing wood on a work bench? Bench hook
What part of a tree is the most useful for carpenters and joiners? trunk
Freshly felled unseasoned wood is known as blue wood. TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
What are resin pockets an example of? natural defects
What are cupping, twisting and bowing known as? seasonal defects
Why is it important to check the accuracy of a try square? to ensure all lines meet round the work being marked out
What type of chisel would you use when paring timber? bevel edged
What is a scarf joint used as? a lengthening joint
A common joint in a window frame is a mortice and tenon. TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
What is the 'kiln dried' method used for? seasoning wood
What is the most appropriate joint to use when assembling door casings? housing joint
The most appropriate joint to use when assembling door casings is a dovetail joint. TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
What joint is most commonly used to join 2 pieces of wall plate end to end? half lap joint
What is freshly felled unseasoned timber known as? green timber
What are cup shakes? natural defects
What method is used to season wood? kiln drying
Created by: missie J