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dismissive - feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration to "dismiss" it
horde - a large group, mob, or swarm of people
squabble - to quarrel in a noisy way about something not important but petty
despondent - feeling hopeless and discouraged
clamber - to climb up on
scornful - feeling or expressing contempt, disrespect, or disdain
unabated - unstopping; persistent; relentless; constant
clamor - a loud, continuous noise or uproar
jubilant - joyful; expressing great happiness
earnest - sincere; genuine
feat - an achievement; a great accomplishment
portly - having a stout, somewhat large, fat body
bedraggled dirty and disheveled; unkept
formidable - frightening; terrifying; dreadful (a formidable opponent or team)
strife - a bitter conflict; a time of fighting or quarreling; troubled times
relent - to give in; yield; to surrender; to become less harsh and stubborn
impassive - unemotional; indifferent; emotionless
relinquish - to give up; surrender
undaunted - fearless; not intimidated or discouraged by
feeble - week; not strong; meek
ornate - very decorated and elaborate with complex, intricate designs
murky - dark and gloopy especially due to thick mist - dark and dirty like in water
weary tired; worn-out
plight a dangerous difficult situation; a dilemma or predicament
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