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WVSOM GI Absorbtion of proteins, carbs, and fats

Proteins are broken down to what before they are absorbed amino acids
Surcose is broken down to what before it is absorbed glucose and fructose
What else besides bring enzymes into contact with the food, does mixing accomplish brings food in contact with brush border
What are fats broken down into Free FA's and 2-monoglyceride
Most absorbtion takes place where? duodenum
Where is B12 absorbed ilium
where does digestion begin mouth via salivary amylase
what types of bond does amylase break 1,4 glycosidic
what pH does amylase work best at 7
Amylase is secreted in what form. Active or inactive active
Glucoamylase (maltase) does what removes glucose monomers for transport from maltotriose or maltose
What are the products of amylase digestion maltose, maltotriose, and a-limit dextrin
SGLT1 does what acts as a co-transporter for glucose/galactose and Na+
GLUT5 is a channel for what monomer fructose
GLUT2 does what moves all monomers into the interstital space from the epithelial cells
What is the absorbtion of monomers driven by The gradient created by basolaeral tranport
Poor nutrient absorbtion can be caused by what maldigestion OR malabsorbtion (or both)
Meals high in sugar tend to have early or delayed gastric emptying delayed
What is the rate limiting step of absorbtion Uptake, not hydolysis
Regulators of intestinal phase CCK, Vagus, and Secretin
Name three endopeptidases Trypsin, chymotrypsin, Elastase
Name two carboxypeptidases Carboxypeptidase A and B
Enterokinase is relased from the brushborder by what bile salts
Trypsin acts as an inhibitor and activator
What is the precusor to Trypsin Trypsinogen
What is the precursor to chymotrypsin chymotrypsinogen
Is the release of pancreatic proteases sufficent to to prepare all proteins for absorbtion NO!
Are pancreatic proteases secreted in an active or inactive form inactive
What activates pancreatic protease precursors trypsinogen activaition by enterokinase
What must happen to olgiopeptides for them to cross the basolateral border Cleavage into single aminoacids
Olgiopeptides are co-tranported with what to cross into the epithelium H+
Amino acids are co-tranported with what to cross into the epithelium Na+
Are larger or smaller peptides absorbed faster larger
Too much build up of cholesterol and/or billirubin can cause the formation of what stones
Is the reabsorbtion of NaCl and bicarb in the gallbladder isotonic, hypertonic or hypotonic isotonic
What are the five processes in lipid assimilation 1. Secretion of Bile and various lipases2. Emuslification3. Ezymatic hydrolysis of ester bonds4. Solubilization of lipolytic products within bile salts micelles5. Transportation into and out of the enterocyte
What is emulsification suspension of fat droplets
What does emulsification do increases surface area of lipids
Which two lipases are acid tolerable lingual lipase and food lipases
Does CCK inhibit or activate gastric emptying inhibits
ACh causes a _______ of the gallbladder release
Fat stimulates the release of ______ CCK
Acid stimulates the release of ________ secretin
Acinar cells release ________ enzymes
Ductal and centroacinar cells release_______ H20 and Bicarb
Problems with lipid digestion can be associated with which vitamins A, E and D
What are the endogenous lipids Cholesterol, phospholipids, and desquamated intestinal villus epithelial cells
What are the exogenous lipids Triglycerides (90%), cholesterol, phospholipids
What are fatty acids and other lipid degredation products eventually converted into triglycerides
Where do fat droplets form in the cell smooth ER
Apoproteins are made in the ________ and then trnasported to the sER to associate with ________ rER, lipids
In what cell organelle are colymicrons and VLDL's made Golgi (does glycosalation)
What molecules pass through the enterocyte and go directly to the blood glycerol along with short and medium chain fatty acids
Most fat absorbtion is done in which part of the small intestine Duodenum
Whipples disease is.... Inability to get colymicrons to the lympthatics
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