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Black History Bowl

Science and Exploration

These Black soldiers were trained to become pilots in World War II. They were mostly assigned to Italy where they escorted bomber planes and destroyed enemy planes. Who were they? Tuskegee Airmen
Dr. William Hinton is credited with developing a test to detect what disease? Syphilis
Who was the first Black American female to enter the medical profession? Susan McKinney
Philadelphia and Massachusetts cobbler Jan E. Maatzeliger invented what? Shoe lasting machine
Who was the first black female awarded a medical degree? Rebecca Lee Crumpler
Hyram S. Thomas was a chef who created what popular snack? The potato chip
What did George Washington Carver use to develop shaving cream, paper, ink, rubbing oil, and instant coffee? Peanuts
Who developed the first airborne radar system that was used for locating downed aircraft? Ozzie Williams
What breakthrough medical procedure was performed by Daniel Hale Williams? Open Heart Surgery
African American Matthew Henson was the first to reach what? The North Pole
What Black American invented an inexpensive method of refining sugar? Norbert Rilleux
What is the name of the first all-Black Medical School? Meharry Medical College
Who was the first Black astronaut to fly in space? Lt. Colonel Guion "Guy" S. Bluford, Jr.
The son of a slave and French pirate, what Haitian is credited with finding and establishing the city of Chicago? Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable
Who invented the pencil sharpener? J.L. Love
Who invented the gas mask and 3 way traffic light? Garrett H. Morgan
Who is the first Black female astronaut? Dr. Mae C. Jemison
Who developed a drug used to treat glaucoma? Dr. Percy Julian
What African American doctor founded the blood bank but died because he was refused medical help at hospital because of race? Dr. Charles Drew
Who invented the technique of using dye to detect liver diseases and evaluate blood? Dr. Carol M. Leevy
Who predicted the first eclipse of the sun 1789 and developed mathematical formulas to calculate the weather and astronomical events? Benjamin Banneker
Albert Y. Garner received a patent for what invention used to save lives? A flame retardant
Who invented the smallpox vaccine? Dr. Lois Wright
Who is a pioneer in tooth transplantation and a graduate of Howard University? Dr. Harold Fleming
Who performed the world’s first open heart surgery? Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
Name the African American who is credited with performing the first successful separation of Siamese twins. Dr. Ben Carson
The phrase “the real McCoy” was penned for what famous Black inventor? Elijah McCoy
In what Midwestern city did Dr. Daniel Hale Williams establish the first African-American hospital in 1891? Chicago, Illinois
One of T.J. Byrd’s patented inventions would help America’s westward expansion. Was it a device for covered wagons or railroad cars? railroad cars
Percy Julian developed a synthetic form of an important hormone. Was it cortisone, adrenaline, or estrogen? cortisone
Africa has three deserts. Can you name two of them? Sahara, Kalahari, and Namib
David H. Blackwell was the first black member of the National Academy of Sciences. Was he a mathematician or a radiologist? mathematician
Did John W. Thompson become the first African-American to head a major technology company or medical research laboratory? a major technology company (Symantee)
What was Ronald McNair’s assignment on the ill-fated 1986 Challenger mission? Laser physicist (he held a PH.D from Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
In 1918, Alice Parker received a patent for a heating furnace. Did it use gas, coal, or wood for fuel? Gas (coal and wood has already been in wide use)
Created by: shundracaldwell