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ST certification exm

ST certification practice exam 4

What is used to retract the spermatic cord during an inguinal herniorraphy? Skin hook B. Penrose drain C. Vessels loops D. Umbilical tapes Penrose drain
Why is an indwelling Foley catheter placed prior to a hysterectomy. A. Record fluid intake B. avoid injury to bladder C. Distend bladder D. Demonstrate ureteral patency avoid injury to bladder
Which of the following scissors is the best choice for the extending an arterial incision? A. Metz B. Jorgensen C. Iris D. Potts-smith Potts-Smith
Which of the following is used to stain the cervix for a Schiller's test? A. Lugol's solution B. Indigo carmine C. Methylene blue D. Acetic acid Lugol's Solutions
Which of the following arises from the left ventricle of the heart? A. Ascending aorta B. Pulmonary vein C. Descending aorta D. Pulmonary artery ascending aorta
What is the method is used to confirm that items have been exposed to the sterilization process, but sterility is not guaranteed? Mechanical B. Biological C. Chemical. Bowie-dick Chemical
Why would the hair of a pt. undergoing craniotomy be bagged, labeled and saved? A. To donate to cancer patients B. In case of need for future genetic testing C. it is patient property D. Prevent post-op surgical site infection it is patient property
When preparing a doubl basin for sterization, the : A. Basins should be serparter by a porous, absorbent towel B. Sponges should be placed in the top basin C. Wrapped package should bre laided flat on the shelf of the sterilizing cart D. Bottom bas . Basins should be separated by a porous, absorbent towel
Which structure, during a total hip arthoplasty, requires intramedullary reaming prior to placement of a prosthesis? A. femoral canal B.. Tibial plateau C. Acetabular fossa D. Grater trochanter Femoral canal
Which if the following is the least restrictive form of credentialing Registration
What drug classification is Demoral? Sedative
What should be transported to the PACU with the patient who underwent a thyroidectomy? Tracheotomy tray
What is the chemical abbreviation for the sodium chloride NaCl
Which organelle is responsible for packaging proteins? Golgi complex
What types of treatment does a patient authorize when signing a general consent form? All routine treatment or procedures
Which medication can be used as a topical jelly during cystoscopy procedures? Xylocaine
Which of the following is a primary postoperative complication of a carotid Endarterectomy? stroke
When is it acceptable to open surgical dressing sponges? After final count
What is the correct procedure to follow when a sterlized rigid instrument container is opened and condensation is observed? Don't use; return to Sterile processing department
Which method of sterilization requires an aeration cycle? EtO
Elevated IOP in a glaucoma patient is a result of excess: Aqueous Humor
Where should the grounding pad be placed on a patient undergoing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy who has a right hip prosthesis left anterior thigh
The Trendelenburg position is often used in a surgery on the: lower abdomen and pelvis
The large artery that arises from the left side of the aortic arch and descends into the arm is the : subclavian
Lesions in Which part of the brain may affect balance and coordination? cerebellum
Which of the following utilizes the process of cavitation? Ultrasonic washer
Which of the following is a name fo a dorsally angulated fracture of the distal radius? Colles'
Which ligament is transected during surgery for the DE Quervain's disease Dorsal carpal
In order to minimize mucosal irritation during urinary catheterization, the tip of the catheter is dipped in which of the following K-y Jelly
How often is a medication prescribed as QID to be taken per day? 4 times
What type of external dressing would be used to elevate dead space? pressure
in the prone position, patients are placed on the chest rolls to prevent : compromised ventilation
Which of the following positions would be used for an LAVH? Lithotomy
A left subcostal incision would be used to expose the: Spleen
Intraoperatively, Lidocaine with epinephrine may be contraindicated in patient who were Hypertensive
What approach is used for the removal of a a acoustic neuroma that is located in the internal auditory canal Middle fossa
Which of the following must be obtained from a patient undergoing surgical procedures, fertility treatments, chemotherapy or experimental treatment? Special written consent
What drug is used to treat hypotension and shock Levophed
The agent used to expand blood plasma volume is: Dextran
What does the term chole/ refer to bile
When preparing instruments for sterilization, all the following are completed with the exception of: Lining the tray with a nonwoven disposable wrapper
Which of the following is an initial incision for abdominalplasty Low transverse
When performing a rhinoplasty, the exostosis in the nose is removes with a Chisel
Which type of sterilization requires the use of the Bowie-Dick test? Pre-vacuumed steam
What is the first federal act to establish patient privacy standards? Health insurance portability and accountability act
What should the surgical technologist wear when transporting a patient with tuberculosis from PACU to the isolation patient room? Respirator
How is the informed consent signed if the patient is illiterate? Patient marks with an "X"
Which of the following agents should not be used to disinfect endoscopes? Isopropyl alcohol
Which of the following is used to expose the meatus during urethral catheterization? Non-dominant hand
Which of the following is the second phase of wound healing? Proliferation
What muscle is commonly used for a TRAM reconstruction is a mammoplasty? Rectus Abdomins
The patient is never positioned until the: Anesthesia provider gives permission
What term refers to the cell "drinking" Pinocytosis
What does hypertension mean? High blood pressure
Which type of fire extinguisher should be available when using a laser Halon
What is the major side effect of thrombolytics? Hemorrhage
If a sterile gloves becomes contaminated during a procedure, what bastion should the surgical technologist take? Circulator pulls off gloves; ST is regloved by another sterile team member
What type of suture technique is used to invert the stump of the appendix during an appendectomy? Purse string
Which of the following is the proper procedure for removing a laparotomy drape? ST holds dressing in place, rolls drape from head to toe
Gerota's fascia is located? Around the kidney
What activity can aggravate the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia? chewing
What is the purpose of maintaining 20% to 60 % relative humility in the OR Decrease Static electricity
What surgical instrument is used to thread the drilled hole for the screw during an ORIF? Tap
Which of the following pathology would be treated by transphenoidal hypophysectomy procedure Pituitary neoplasm
The muscles that causes strabismus are the : Extrinsic
What is the minimum required number of people to transfer from the OR tabor to the stretcher 4
When used as a skin prop, which of the following should be allowed to toughly dry if electro cautery will be used? Alcohol and tinctures
Health-acquired infections are most commonly associated with which of the following? Use of urinary catheters
What is the technical term for robotic arms? Manipulator
In which of the following procedures would the surgeon check for anastomotic leaks by injecting air into the rectum, looking for the bubbles in the flied-filled peritoneal cavity Low anterior resection
What are varicosities of the rectum and anus? Hemorrhoids
Vitamins A, D, E and K Pancreas
The preoperative exsanguination of an extremity prior to inflating a tourniquet is accomplished with Esmarch
Which of the following vessels is harvested for use during a CABG. Internal mammary artery
Which retractors would be used to retract the muscles during hip pinning? Bennett
The surgical re-anastomosis of the vas deferens is called a Vasovasostomy
Which type of laser is used to remove polymethyl from a cemented joint implant during a revision arthroplasty. Carbon dioxide
Sound waves travel though the external auditory canal and strike the Tympanic membrane
Created by: d.hardiman
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