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Google Exams-Gmail


If you conducted a search in Gmail and cannot find the message you were looking for, all of the following are possible explanations EXCEPT: a.The message ended up in Spam b. The message was moved to trash c. you may have a typo in the search ( I said this) d.the message was archived
The tasks Calendar in your google apps calandar allows you to ______while i n your calendar add/edit, move, switch tasks lists, or ALL OF THE ABOVE
Depending on the type of mobile device you have, you may be able to access your Gmail account via: a. Browser b. App c. Sync d SMS/TEXT e ABC ONLY
Liz, Jeanine (3) When reviewing your inbox messages, you will notice a number in parentheses next to the contacts included on a particular message. The number in parentheses corresponds with: A. How many contacts are included in the conversation b. How many times the conversation has been read c. HOW many messages (or replies) are in the conversation- CORRECT d. How many times the message has been forwarded
Gmail search doesn’t recognize special search characters like square brackets, parentheses, currency symbols, the ampersand, the pound sign, and asterisks. True
If you have Chat history enabled, you can do all the following with your chats EXCEPT a. forward, b, Label, c. star, d. trash, e. All of the above are possible with chat history enabled
You can block contacts from chatting with you, but do so with caution as this action CANNOT be undone False
Rich text signatures are available in Gmail allowing you to add your own formatting, images and links to your email signatures True
Vacation responders in Gmail CANNOT be set up from your Androis or IOS mobile device False
Priority inbox is a Gmail feature that automatically helps you focus on your most important messages by splitting your inbox into different sections. Which of the following is one of the sections that can be included in your Priority inbox Starred
Chat in your Gmail inbox recognizes YouTube URLs as media and automatically converts them to video inside your chat window True
After you set your Gmail's tab categories on Gmail's desktop version, you will also see them on the mobile versions (Android and IOS) True?
Instead of having one long to-do list, students can organize tasks into ....... Folders? labels? tags? MULTIPLE TASKS LISTS
You can create an unlimited number of filters True
A student can create a task from an email in your inbox by a. Select email messages, clicking on the More button and selection "Add to tasks"
Inbox (3) The number in parentheses next to your Gmail box indicates: The total number of messages you have in your inbox
Assuming your domain admin is not overriding any updates, to enable new features/functionality in Gmail Since Gmail is web-based, feature updates will happen automatically
You will not be allowed to change the name of any of the default contact groups in Gmail including: My contacts, Friends, Family, co-workers and Most contacted I said true, I think it's false
The "archive" feature in Gmail moves messages out of your inbox and into your All Mail label without deleting anything True
Which of the following items is NOT a display density setting in Gmail? Calm
Ads must be turned on for Gmail in Google apps for Education True
POP, or Post Office Protocol lets you ____________from Google Apps mail servers onto your computer so you can access your mail from a 3rd party program even when you aren't connected to the internet. True
With mail delegation, another person can only read and send messages on our behalf but CANNOT delete them False
A teacher comes to you unable to access a particular option or setting. She may be unable to access it because your school Apps domain admin may have disabled that feature True or False (I said True)
When you label one message in a conversation, you automatically apply the labels to all the messages in the conversations True or False ( I said True)
Offline mail will only be available if your Google Apps for education domain admin has enable "Offline Gmail" for your domain True
In Gmail, Most Contacted in the Contacts window includes addresses you use most frequently. Gmail automatically updates this list for quick and easy reference True
You must attach files to emails one at a time. Currently, there is NOT a way to select multiple files at once False
Using Gmail you can also store more information than just a name and email address, you can include title, phone numbers, addresses, instant messenger accounts, websites, and even birthdays. You can add custom fields for "parents names or "graduation year True
When you remove a contact from a contact group, you are also removing the contact from your Contacts lists False
Gmail's Priority inbox features are the same on the desktop and on any mobile device False (i had said true) settings is same but not features
My Contacts in the Contacts window is used to: organize all of your contacts
If you initiate a group chat, the chat will stop for everyone once you leave the chat True
One advantage of using Google+Hangouts VS Google Talk is: a. You can chat using Hangouts app on mobile devices b. You can change your status to invisible c. You can have video conversations (think it's this) d. You can search chat history (i said this) it's wrong
When you send a Task list to someone else it appears: a. like a new list in their Tasks b. Just like an email message (i said this) CORRECT! c. As a pop-up in the bottom right of their window d. You cannot send Tasks with Gmail (wrong)
Chat lets you send and receive instant message with teachers, students, other people at your school/district right in your inbox True (i said)
Gmail will empty messages from your Trash automatically after 30 days, or you can permanently delete message yourself True
If you have disable Chat history saving, there will be no record of your chat unless A. You have Cache turned on b. Your domain admin overrides your chat history settings c. People you chat with save their chat histories and you are not using "off the record" (i said c), CORRECT d. A and B only
The purpose of Gmail Labs is A(correct) Give sneek peak what Google Engineers have been up to b. Annoulatest enhancements completely vetted and automatically available for users c.Give u a place to try newest features Gmail that r in final stages of devel dA &C (said this wrong)
How many labels can you apply to an email? 1,5 10 , 15, unlimited (I said 1 not true!! it does say 5,000
To view archives messages in Gmail, go to a. Archived Mail b. All Mail (i said, and think is right) c. Old Mail D Trash
With superstars in Gmail, a user can access up to _______ stars a. 8 b. 10 c. 12 (said 12) d 14
When setting up Mail Fetcher, you have all of the following options EXCEPT a. Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server ( i said this) b. Forward incoming messages(this is correct) c. Always use a secure connection SSL when retrieving mail d. label incoming messages e. Archive incoming messages
Before you can chat with another teacher in gmail, unless they appear in the automatic contacts list, you'll need to a. invite him/her (i said this) b. ask him/her to purchase a web cam c make sure he/she are using chrome d all of the above e none
Gmail provides a chat feature True
A ______is an email notification delivered when a recipient opens an email you send a. responder b. gmail notification c delivery notification d read receipt (said this)
Teachers and students can categorize email messages by using a tag b lists c keywords d labels (i said this) e all of the above
Gmails auto-show feature automatically selects contacts to appear in chat based on the people whom you already communicate with most often True (i said this) i think it's false
Mail delegation in Gmail allows you to delegate access to your email to another person (principal delegating access to his or her admin assistant) True
A teacher can send a student an .exe file to install a program on the student's window computer False
To help keep organized, students can use Google Tasks right from an email, If you would like to create a task from an email message you can: a. Go into Tasks and do a search for the email messages b. Go into the email message, click on the more button and select "add to tasks" (CORRECT) c. Drag the email messages to tasks c forward the message to tasks@gmail.com
Which of the following is an Inbox type that students can use in Gmail a. Priority Mail (i said this, wrong) b Old school C Fresh view D Priority inbox (correct)
Gmail message that are moved into Trash will remain there indefinitely until you manually empty your Trash False
Students can access a list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts by typing c shift-?
If you are searching Gmail for a message from Lisa with a PDF attachment, which of the following Advance Search Operators would work best? a. from: lisa has: attachment ( i said this wrong) b. message: lisa filename:pdf c from lisa has: attachment filename: pdf (CORRECT) d to: lisa has: attachement (
To send a message to any of the contact groups you created, or the default contact groups you can: a. send an email message directly from Contact Manager b. Send email message to group from Compose window using auto-complete c both of the above d none of the above
In order to have email addresses auto-complete in the To: field of the Gmail, you must first manually input them as a contact False
In Gmail conversations are: a. individual messages with same subj line display through inbox b chat transcripts related to an email message (s) c Collection of message with same subject line (i said this) d all of the above e none of the above
Using Gmai, not only can you receive email from differnt accounts, but you can send mail from those accounts as welll True
Created by: JudySackville