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SkillsUSA Graphic ?

Study questions for SkillsUSA Graphic Communications Contest

The printing process that uses an inked, raised image that is pressed against paper Letterpress
Jobs requiring numbering, like tickets or forms, are most often done using the process of Digital Printing and Letterpress
To succeed in graphic arts, a skilled technical employee must be able to Operate sophisticated machinery
The part of the offset press that holds and supplies ink to the inking rollers is the ink fountain
A thin sheet of paper, metal or polyester which carries the image is called the plate
When using tools to make adjustments on moving parts, lubricating or removing paper jams from the press, one should Make sure the press is turned off and unplug the electrical and/or power cord.
Class B fires involve flammable liquids
One purpose of an MSDS sheet is To inform the user of a material's physical properties or possible dangerous health effects.
The subtractive primary colors are cyan, magenta & yellow
Software used to combine text, pixel based images and illustrations is called __________ software. page-layout
An image made up of independent lines, shapes or objects that are each defined by mathematical formulas is referred to as a vector graphic
A digital camera records images in a digital form rather than on a film negative
A device that makes printing plates for offset presses from digital files is called a platesetter
Digital cameras capture the best image if which mode is used? Camera RAW
A page from a coloring book is an example of a line image
The system in a typical offset press that controls the paper after the image is printed by stacking to allow further processing is the delivery system
The proper paper for books, brochures, magazines and posters book
Tools and materials needed for padding include clamp or weight, padding compound and brush
Refers to the inside signatures pushing out beyond the outside signatures (when multiple signatures are inserted) creep
There are _____ points in a pica 12
The two variables that are required to determine the right amount of resolution necessary to reproduce images correctly on a press line screen ruling and percent of enlargement or reduction
A press operator worked 37 hours the first week of the month, 42 hours the second week, 39 the third week, and 45 the fourth week. How many total hours were worked during the month? 163 hours
Erica was paid $485.75 for working at a rate of $16.75 per hour. How many hours did she work? 29
Express the following percent as a decimal: 16.8% .168
It's best to arrive how early before a job interview? 10 to 15 minutes
A press ready PDF file must include fonts, images with adjustable resolution and adequate bleed
The acronym ICC is short for International Color Consortium
Software used to edit or change a photographic image is called _______________ software. image-editing
The term removable media refers to CDs, DVD based images, and flash drives used to store data that are inserted and removed from the computer.
A color mode consisting of the additive primary colors of red, green and blue that creates white when combined is called RGB
The invisible line marking the lower limit upon which type sits is called the baseline
Small caps are capital letters that are the same size as the _______ of the typeface. x-height
A PDF/X-1a file cannot contain CMYK data
This type of symbol is often used to indicate the time duration of an event En dash
Software used to check page-layout files for potential printing problems before printing preflight
A type of software that is used to edit or change a pixel based image image-editing
A type of software that is used to edit or change a pixel based image allow input of large text files
The choices for selecting the page orientation are portrait and landscape
The feature that temporarily holds text or graphics that were cut or copied is the clipboard
The option that allows the user to adjust the vertical spacing between lines leading
A text treatment used to organize text so a reader can find information easily headers
The arrangement of text flush left, flush right, centered or justified alignment
The small sensors on a common flatbed scanner that compare and store data about the electrical charge before and after an image is scanned are called CCDs (Charged-Coupled Devices) or CMOSs (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semicinductor)
A picture element that is composed of hundreds of thousands of spots of light that compose a computer monitor pixel
An image that is composed of dots of varying sizes or frequencies halftone
OCR software is used to Scan text as letters, words and sentences and not as a graphic image
File format used primarily for photographic images and which uses lossy compression format to help reduce the file size JPEG
Most digital cameras have a ______ ________ which displays the picture right away. LCD screen
On some keyboards, numbers can be typed by pressing the number keys or by using a number key pad
To type a capital letter using a keyboard, a user must hold down the ________ key and then type the letter key shift
Paper should never be cut any further in advance than necessary. How should paper be stored after cutting? Protect the paper with moisture-proof plastic cover immediately after cutting.
Ink rollers should be stored Vertically in a dark area
The Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) labels warn users about Potential health hazards, flammability, reactivity and personal protection equipment to wear
A key feature for good packing material is good dimensional stability
If you fail to properly wash up a press, what can occur? roller stripping, ink color contamination, hickies
The solution used to preserve a plate and protect the plate surface from oxidation gum arabic
The responsibilities of a press operator during a production run include all of the following except: a. maintaining consistent color b. maintaining registration c. designing pages d. troubleshooting problems as they arise designing pages
Flammable liquids should always be stored in designated and protected areas
Operator control features of the inking system of a press ink fountain and ink doctor roller on/off control
The main parts of the press that separate the paper from the impression cylinder are called strippers
In the delivery system of a press, the ejector rollers must pass through an image area for proper sheet delivery, they must be ________ and _______ to prevent streaking. coated, dampened continuously
The size of each type or grade of paper that has become standard over time is the basic size
Flags are used in a pressrun to show the press operator where to begin printing
When ink does not fade from exposure to strong light over time, it is saidto have permanence
Ink used on high speed presses with heating devices is heat-set ink
The type of inks that have the least penetration into the paper surface is gloss inks
Antioxidants are used in ink to slow surface drying
"Snowflakey" printing is a result of too much water
One problem that could occur by increasing the amount of acid in an ink is the color of the ink breaks down, the life of the plate is reduced, the ink emulsifies
To help make the proper adjustments needed to register the system, you should Place a sheet of paper from the stock to be run on the register board against the jogger side guide and front paper stops.
The blanket cylinder surface should be cleaned with blanket wash
To correct the vertical position of an image, one can adjust the plate or blanket cylinder
In "work and tumble" printing, the sheet is printed on one side and then flipped lead to tail to print on the other side
A proof of paste-up made on a photocopier is called a page proof
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