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Pupura abnormal bleeding.
Wiskott-Aldrch syndrome Smallest platelets seen
May-Hegglin anomaly large platelets
Alports syndrome (hereditary) Giant platelets and thrombocytopenia
Bernard-Soulier syndrome largest platelets seen . Autosomal bleeding disorder, missing platelets glycoproteins
Increased utilization of platelets intravascular coagulation,vascular injury, DIC, Trauma
Severe Liver disease Decreased fibrinogen levels,Prolonged PT
Hemophilia A Inherited. Factor 8 functionally inactive. Impairs coagulation ability. Male sex linked.
VonWillebrand Disease Acquired. Associated with Lupus.prolonged bleeding times.
DIC complication or result of other diseases. d dimer, pt, aptt all increased
Antithrombin III Inhibits thrombin. Protease inhibitor.
Heparin Cofactor inhibits thrombin.
Protein C Major blood coagulation regulatory . Vit k dependent
APTT Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time time required to make thrombin and fibrin polymers. Normal less then 35 sec Evulates XII,XI,VII,X,V,II and II using intrinsic
PT Prothrombin Time Time required to generate thrombin and fibrin using extrinsic. Thromboplastin and Ca2+. Evulates VII,X,V,II or I
INR International Normal Ratio Standardize the difference in sensitivity of thromboplastin reagents and the effects on PT assays
INR Ratio INR= (PT/mean normal pro time)
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