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3306 ELO A-D

Information regarding __________condtions should be isued in time to be useful to the pilot. airport
How is a condition, that affects the safe use of a landing area, recorded when received from airport management? verbatim
Military controllers are authorized to issue NOTAMs (T/F) false
If an aircraft request to land on a closed/ unsafe runway, you should first_________. inform the pilot that the runway is closed or unsafe
If the pilot persists in landing at a closed/ unsafe runway after you have informed the pilot that it is closed or unsafe, you should___________ the pilot the appropriate parts iof the NOTAM. quote
If the pilot insist on landing on a closed/ unsafe runway after you have informed the pilot it is closed/ unsafe and have read the appropriate NOTAM, inform the pilot that operations will be_______. at his/ her own risk
Qualtiy of breaking action should be reported using what terms? good, fair, poor, nil, or a combonation of these terms
Who provides the quality of breaking action information? pilots or airport management
How is breaking action reported when it affects only a portion of a runway? in terms easily understood by the pilot
Issue the latest braking action report for the runway in use to each arriving and departing aircraft early enough to be of benefit to the pilot. (T/F) true
When issuing wake turbluence advisories and the traffic is known to be a "_____" jet you should include the word "_____" in the description of the traffic. heavy, heavy
Wake turbulence is ONLY encountered on the ground. (T/F) false
If, in your opinion, wake turbulence may have an adverse effect on an aircraft, you should_______. issue the cautionary information
When must you coordinate any pertinent parachute jumping information with other affected ATC facilities/ sectors? prior to and at the end of each jump or series of jumps
Handle requests to conduct jump operations in or into Class D airspace with a functioning control tower operated by the United States based on___________. known or observed traffic
List the ways to determine the position of an aircraft prior to taxi. visually by the controller, by pilot's report, through the use of Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE)
When do you issue progressive taxi instructions? (There are 3 repsonses) during reduced visibility, the specialist deems it necessary due to traffic or field conditions, a pilot/ operator request
Avoid clearances that require_____ _____ to use greater than normal taxiing power. heavy jets
An aircraft/ vehicle must have _______ a previous runway before another runway crossing clearance may be issued. crossed
Who is responsible for installing and maintaining signs and markings for the ILS critical area? airport operator
Who must the gound controller notifiy when a departing aircraft is being taxied to a runway that has not been previously designated active? local controller
Who must the Local Controller coordinate with before using a runway not previously desginated as active? ground controller
The "runway use program" (formal and informal) is in reference to the noise abatement plan. (T/F) true
Except where a "runway use" program is in effect, use the runway most nearly aligned with the wind when less than five knots.(T/F) false
What are two reasons for assigning a runway other than the "calm wind" runway when there is NO noise abatement program in effect? requested by the pilot, operationally advantageous
When conduting aircraft operations on other than the advertised active runway what must always be stated? runway in use
The wind is described as "calm" when the velocity is_______. less than three knots
What inforamtion is included with the quality of braking action? type of aircraft or vehicle from which the report was received
During the time "Braking Action Advisories are in effect", what action should be taken? issue the latest braking action report for the runway in use to each arriving and departing aircraft early enough to be of benefit to the pilot
What information is contained in an advisory to aircraft that will transit the airspace within which parachute jump operations will be conducted? location, time, duration, and altitude from which the jump will be made
What information is issued to an aircraft entering the traffic pattern and following another aircraft landing to the same runway? Landing sequence number, description and location or traffic to follow
Request a___ ___ of runway hold short instructions when it is not received from the pilot/ vehicle operator. read back
Establishing hold lines/ signs is the repsonsibility of the______. airport manager
Created by: Braman Hall
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