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Hood Radio

Study for Hood Radio Qualification and Rating

What are the Hood Radio Pre-Duty Requirements? 1. Read and Initial File 2. Equipment Checks 3.Verify Range Information 4. Check ATIS for accuracy 5. Read NOTAMs 6. Receive a position brief from prior shift 7. Arrive in a timely manner
What regulation outlines the training time limitations for Air Traffic Controllers? AR 95-2
What is the maximum number of training days allotted for HFF? 88
Who provides weather support for RGAAF? 3rd Weather Squadron
What facilities does HFF have interphone communications with? 1. Gray ARAC 2. Gray Tower 3. Base Ops 4. Range Control 5. 3rd Weather Squadron 6. Hood Tower
What information is included in the HFF ATIS? Range information, meteorological watches and weather warnings, procedural control instructions, equipment outages, and any other information pertinent to safety of aircraft
What are the position responsibilities of HFF? 1 -Utilizing FM, VHF, and UHF radios to provide point-to-point, VFR flight following to aircraft operating withing R6302 and the local flying area (see HFF FTM for the rest of this answer)
What action is taken upon receipt of a weather watch or warning? Information is broadcast on Starcaster ATIS and relayed to pilots via a blanket broadcast
What actions does the flight following controller take when an aircraft declares an emergency? 1. Record all pertinent information (minimum: Aircraft ID and type, nature of emergency, and pilot's desires) 2. Relay information to Gray Tower for activation of crash phone. (see HFF FTM for the rest of this answer)
What actions does the flight following controller take when an aircraft declares a precautionary landing? 1. Record the aircraft's location 2. Instruct pilot to report safely on the ground (if able) (See HFF FTM for the rest of this answer)
Name and describe the locations of the Test Flight Areas TFA 1 - HAAF TFA 2 - RGAAF TFA 3 - Temple TFA 4 - (fixed wing only) NW of Lampassas TFA 5 - South of Gray near Florence/Salado TFA 6 - N of Gatesville
When can an aircraft flight follow internally? When they are a flight of two or more in the Western Training Area
What is the frequency of the Hood NDB and what does is broadcast? 347KHz and the HFF ATIS
What does the flight following controller do when the field goes IMC? Broadcast procedural control instructions on ATIS and make a blanket broadcast to pilots
Who is responsible for NOTAMs? Gray Base Ops
When is an aircraft considered overdue? 30 minutes past last reposting time
What does a flight following controller do when a training area outside the redline goes hot? Broadcast information on ATIS and issue a blanket broadcast to pilots. Notify ARAC if airspace changes due to training area activation.
What are Interphone Priorities? 1. Emergencies 2. Clearance and Control instructions 3. Movement and Control messages to include flight progress strips, arrivals and departures, and flight plans 4. Movement messages to VFR aircraft
How do you terminate interphone transmissions? Operating Initials
What words do you use to interrupt lower priority interphone messages? "Emergency" and "Control"
What does flight following controller do when and aircraft is simulated IMC? Instruct aircraft to contact gray approach
what does PAR stand for? Precision Approach Radar
Aircraft prefixes: A, VV, VM, R Air Force Navy Marines Army
When inbound to HAAF during hours of darkness, what are aircraft required to report? Henry, Bridge, Quarry
What does UAS stand for? Unmanned Arial System
What events dictate Procedural Control in effect? Weather falls to IMC at Gray or Hood (Vis less than 3 miles/ ceiling below 1000)
What does flight following controller do when pilot declares "Inadvertent IMC" Instruct pilot to squawk 7700 and contact gray approach
what beacon code should aircraft on the reservation squawk? 4000 (0100 UAS)
What does the flight following controller do if an aircraft is crossing the red line? instruct aircraft to contact range control
What does CARS stand for? Corridor Airspace Route Structure
What are the flight following frequencies? 141.175, 357.9 149.8, 246.7
For which radios does HFF have backup capabilities? 141.175, 357.9
What is the phone number to the recorded line? 288-9111
What are the universal emergency frequencies? 121.5, 243.0
Where are the switches for the backup transmitters and receiver for Waco and Lometa To the left of the maintenance scope
What regulation covers local Fort Hood flying rules FH 95-1
Define: Roger Define: Wilco I received your last transmission I will comply
How many hours must a controller wait after consuming alcohol to work? 12 Hours
Where is the controller reference file located? ATC Chiefs office
Where are flight following strips filed at the end of each day? Supervisor's desk drawer
What is an OHR? Operational Hazard Report form DA 2696
What information is recorded with a PIREP? Weather phenomena, aircraft type and altitude, location
What is the mission of HFF (See HFF FTM for the rest of this answer)
Who are the controlling agencies for the SUAS R6302 A, B, C, D, and E - Houston Center Hood and Gray MOA - Gray ARAC
When should facility clocks be checked for accuracy? At the beginning of each shift
Why would an aircraft request to proceed to smith mountain? To dump excess fuel
How many hours after giving blood shall a controller wait before returning to duty? 72
What are forms 3502 and 3503 Daily Report Air Traffic Control Facility Position Report
Created by: lenazen
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