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Business Studies

Unit 1 Chapter 2 Consumer Conflict

Conflict occurs when people are in the dispute
caveat emptor 'let the buyer beware' consumers are expected to be cautious and use their common sense when buying goods
negotiation parties explainging their position and barganing to try to reah a mutual agreement
interia selling a supplier demanding payment for unsolicited good
sales of goods&supply of services act 1980 goods must be fit for purpose,of merchantable quality, as descibred conformed to sample
consumer proctection act 2007 established the NCA. Deals with misleading claims about goods and services and prices. Deals with EU directives on unfair,aggresive, misleading and prohibted commercial practices
National Consumer agency infroms consumers of their rights, promote a strong consumer culture
Consumer association of ireland Gives information and advice to consumers about goods,services and consumer law
ombudsman investigates complaints from consumers about services
small claims court handles consumers clains quick,easy and cheap without involing a solicter
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