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Stack #178742

Bladder overview part 1 EWC

Window of the sky point? UB 10
Influencial point of the bone? UB 11
Windgate? UB 12
Back Shu? UB 28
Influencial point of the blood UB 17
Emperical point for leukorrhea UB 30
Emperical point for dysmenorrhea UB 32
Metal Point UB 67
Water Point UB 66
Wood Point UB 65
Fire Point UB 60
Earth Point UB 40
Horrary point UB 66
Mother point Tonify UB 67
Son Sedate UB 65
Source point UB 64
Xi Cleft UB 63
Luo Connecting UB 58
Front Mu Ren 3
Emperical point of Tuberculosis UB 43
Emperical point of Sciatica UB 54
Emerical point of Epilepsy during the day UB 62
Emperical point for malpositioned fetus UB 67
Cntraindicated in pregnancy UB 67
Command point of the back UB 40
Lower He-sea of the san jiao UB 39
Shu of the Lung UB 13
Shu of the Pericardium UB 14
Shu of the Heart UB 15
Shu of the Liver UB 18
Shu of the Gallbladder UB 19
Shu of the Spleen UB 20
Shu of the Stomach UB 21
Shu of the San Jiao UB 22
Shu of the Kidney UB 23
Shu of the Large Intestine UB 25
Shu of the Small Intestine UB 27
Shu of the Bladder UB 28
Confluent with Yang Qiao (Linking Vessel) UB 62 SI 3
Entry Point UB 1
Exit Point UB 67
Benefits the eyes, Expels wind & Clears heat UB 1 ***
Benefits the eyes, Eliminates wind & clears heat, Clears the head and alleviates pain UB 2 ***
Expels wind, clears the head & alleviates pain, benefits the eyes & nose UB 3 *
Expels wind, clears the head and alleviates pain; benefits the eyes and nose UB 4 **
Eliminates wind, descends yang and clears heat, clears the head & nose UB 5 *
Eliminates wind, & clears heat, clears the head & benefits the eyes & nose "Inability to distinquish the fragrant form the foul, deviation of hte mouth UB 6 *
(Nose point)benefits and regulates the nose, clears the head(profulse nasal discharge, rhinitis, loss of smell) UB 7 **
Benefits the sense organs, Pacifies wind, transforms phlegm & calms the spirit UB 8 *
Expels wind and cold & alleviates pain, benefits the nose and eyes, "Wind Damp, known as one of the 3 gates, sudden collapse on standing" UB 9 **
Sea of energy UB 10 ***
Regulates qi & pacifies wind, benefits the head and sensory orifices, calm the spirit, Activates the channel & alleviates pain, WEI QI Syndrome, "inability of legs to support body" UB 10 ***
Benefits the bones & joints, Expels pathgenic factors & firms the exterior, regulates lung qi and alleviates cough CHRONIC BONE disease, "indicated for contraction of sinews" UB 11 ***
Best point to expel wind/heat and release the exterior, strengthen wei qi and firms the exterior, disseminates & descends lung qi, benefits the nose, "treatment for suscepitbilty to frequent colds and allegic rhinitis" UB 12 ***
Essential point to tonify the lung qi & nourish lung yin, descends & disseminates lung qi, clears heat from the lung, releases the exterior, "TB, pneumonia,asthma, turtle back" UB 13 ****
Spreads liver qi & unbinds the chest, regulates the heart, regulates and descends qi UB 14 ***
Tonifies & nourishes the heart, regulates heart qi, calms the spirit, unbinds the chest & resolves blood stasis, clears heart fire, "can be used for excess or deficient conditions, insomnia" UB 15 ****
Created by: mishkasch